10 Best Countries where Indians can Travel without Visa

indians without visa

VISA is a document issued by any nation to an individual to formally request the travelling another country for permission for a stipulated amount of time. Here, the nation must also provide valid reason for travelling. Different countries have their own VISA laws. It entirely depends on the country to allow a traveller to visit the country.

But there are certain countries where Indians can travel without Visa permission. Here is a list of 10 best countries where Indians can travel without Visa:

  1. Laos

The secluded Laos is an amazing place to visit. It is a traveller’s paradise. Here, you can easily explore the virgin Bolaven Plateau on motorbike, enjoy a boat cruise in the Mekong River, stroll on Chinatown and a lot more without Visa!

  1. Vietnam

It is a vibrant nation to visit without visa. It will provide you with a street-life (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City). Most tourists love to be a part of the natural wonders here namely; Ha Long Bay. The country issues a 30/90 days single or multiple-entry visa upon arrival.

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong doesn’t require a visa prior to the visit. It will give you one upon arrival once you show an air-ticket confirming your return within two weeks. Here, you would also require sufficient Forex sufficient to finance your stay. An international credit card will also do. Here, you can enjoy Hong Kong’s highest point, The Peak. Kids can have a wonderful time at Ocean Park and the Disneyland and Ocean Park. Hong Kong is also a paradise for foodies and shopaholics.

  1. Ethiopia

Has Ethiopia been on your travel list before? Well, it is time to consider the trip. The country will allow you 30-day visa-on-arrival. Additionally, there is a lot to see and enjoy here. You would simply love to visit the capital city Addis Ababa which houses one of the largest markets of Africa, The Merçato. It is also home to Lucy, one of the oldest ancestors of mankind. You can also visit the beautiful rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. Other attractions here include the eye-catching Simien Mountains, splendid castles, and Axum the oldest city of Ethiopia, once home to the Queen of Sheba

  1. Jamaica

Ever thought about visiting the third largest island in the West Indies? Well, since it will not require a visa for you to visit, it is time for you to consider the tour seriously. Bob Marley’s home, the land of music, beautiful Jamaica, exotic beaches, rum, and jerk chicken, the place is heaven for tourists. Right from reggae to calypso, authentic African tribal music, and ska, there is a lot to see and enjoy here. So without a visa, enjoy at the Bars, beautiful clubs, and romance at beach side, do whatever pleases you.

  1. Bhutan

Why visit Bhutan? Well, first and foremost, it will not require a visa. Second, it is happiest nation in Asia. Third, it houses lofty mighty Himalayan peaks, serene monasteries, and endless opportunities to travel. The happy country will ask for just a valid Indian passport or Voter ID Card to permit a visit!

  1. Sri Lanka

What a beautiful land it is! The place offers immense opportunities to travel around. If you have never known how exotic the experience will be, simply look for travel options here! You will be surprised to know about the options available, Right from the mesmerising white sand beaches to the ancient ruins, exquisite rolling hills, and almost all kinds of unimaginable wildlife, the small island has a lot to offer to its visitors. The best part is that Indians can travel here without a visa!

  1. Jordan

If you are looking forward to wander in the beautiful mesmerising lost city of Petra, this is the country you must travel to. It is beautiful with loads of options to travel around. Right from the Dead Sea and vast red sands of Wadi Rum, there is a whole lot to enjoy in Jordan without Visa.

  1. Denmark

This is yet another beautiful country to visit without visa. Denmark issues visa for short stay (less than three months). It can also be granted for stay in other Schengen nations. Here, employment is not permitted during the period of stay.

  1. Germany

It is a beautiful country to visit. All of the countries and territories that are members of EU, Schengen, or EFTA don’t require a visa. Citizens of countries listed positive by Germany will also not require a visa for a period of around 90 days.


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