10 Irresistibly Mouth Watering Foods of Bihar to Try before You Die

dal pitha

Lalu Prasad Yadav, Bhojpuri songs, and the typical accent of people from the state are what run in one’s mind with the mention of ‘Bihar’. Bihari cuisine is the last one thinks of. This is unfortunate because the state has to offer some of the most delicious, scrumptious, and mouth-watering dishes. Here are 10 best you must try:

  1. Litti Chokha

litti chokha

This is listed as number one for a reason. It is synonymous to lip smacking Bihari cuisine and extremely famous among foodies. The dish is baked to perfection from wheat flour dough stuffed with a mixture of roasted gram flour, exotic spices, and lemon juice. It is served with chokha (a mixture of baked and pulped vegetables). Litti Chokha is prepared specially on various occasions in Bihar. Bliss!

  1. Malpua


You must have tasted this before on weddings but did you know its origin? Malpua is definitely one sweetmeat Biharis swear by. If it is about celebrating a special event, it cannot be without Malpua. Prepared by mixing flour, sugar, milk, and mashed bananas and then deep fried to get crispy edges, the fried stuff is drowned into sugar syrup.

  1. Thekua


No occasion in a Bihari household is complete without this sweet. Made from mixture of wheat flour and jaggery to be moulded and deep fried, this dish is definitely worth trying for its heavenly taste. Watch out for your weight, guys!

  1. Kadhi Badi

kadhi badi

The savoury Bihari dish is specially prepared on Holi. With healthy gram flour being the major ingredient for both kadhi (thick gravy) and the badi (fried dumplings), the dish is served piping hot with rice or rotis.

  1. Dal Puri

dal puri

Of course, we all know what puri is. However, dal puri is an advanced and another level of gastromimocal bliss. The puris are stuffed with Bengal gram to make it a little heavier and yummier. The dish is a special preparation during Dussehra.

  1. Pedakiya


This is a delectable fried sweet prepared from flour stuffed with suji (semolina), khoya (dried milk) or grated coconut. It is specifically prepared during the festival of Teej in Bihar.

  1. Laktho


This is a very common Bihari household snack. It is most commonly seen at homes during Dussehra. Prepared by kneading rice flour and deep fried to dip generously into a thick jaggery syrup, the dish is a must try for all foodies.

  1. Dal Pitha

dal pitha

The Bihari cuisine journey is incomplete without having these yummy dumplings! This supreme delicacy is prepared from kneaded rice flour and stuffed with paste of spiced Bengal gram and then steamed to perfection.

  1. Chana Ghugni

chana ghugni

This makes for a perfect Bihari Sunday breakfast. Generous amounts of Bengal gram stuffing is used and then spiced up recipe to ensure amazing taste.

  1. Kala Jamun

kala jamun

Bihari answer to our very own Gulab Jamn, Kala Jamun is definitely a must try for all. Made from cottage cheese, khoya, milk, and sugar, the Bihari dessert is certainly the most delectable way to complete a meal.


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