10 Problems Faced By Long Haired Girls

long hair problems

Girls having the long hairs are noticed by everyone. Having long hair is wonderful, luxurious and fun but it’s like a challenge too. It’s not necessary that every girl can handle such a long hairs in so much pollution and rush. There are so many problems come when a girl has long hairs and she has to maintain them as well. Here I am going to tell you some genuine problems of girls who are having long hairs.

1.       When you are brushing your hairs comes on face:

It’s a genuine fact when someone gets up in the morning then his/her hairs are totally mashed up like hell. For long hairs girl it’s more difficult to hold them back when she is trying to brush. It becomes very irritating in the morning when you want some relaxation but your long hairs will not make you feel relax.

2.       Long time to shower:

When you have extra-long hairs then you have to maintain them also. For taking care of long hairs girls need shampoo, conditioners and so many other things. It takes so much time to apply these all stuff on your hairs. So it becomes more problematic when you are in hurry and you have to take shower for maintaining your hairs.

3.       Heavy hairs hurt your neck:

It’s not that easy to have long hairs when you travel most. If you have long and heavy hairs then it can hurt your neck because of their weight. It feels like you are carrying a bunch of heavy sticks along with your neck. So it can be more painful for the girls.

4.       Hair Falling Problem:

When you have long hairs then mostly hair falling problems come with girls. They find their hairs everywhere in the home like on brush, food, on the corner of the floor etc. it can be very embracing in the office if you are suffering the hair falling problems. You are ignored by everyone and people don’t want to be around you.


5.       When you turn around then ponytail creates problems:

Girls having long hairs love to have ponytail in the parties and religious occasions but they should be aware about the problems with ponytail. In the parties and occasions when you turn around really fast then your ponytail wipe someone which can be irritating who don’t like hairs on the face much.

6.       Stuck in Windows and Bus doors:

Girls having long hairs have to travel very carefully in bus and car. It has been seen many times then girls long hairs create very big problems by stuck in emergency windows and doors. When you travel then you have to rip all of your hairs because it got stuck in the doors as well as windows.

7.       Can’t get a cute look:

Girls having long hairs are bounded by same hair look all the time. If they want a cute little messy look then they can’t get that because of too many hairs that fall from its weight. So either they have to compromise with same look or they have to donate their hairs.

8.       Everyone wants to touch it:

The most common problem faced by the girls is that everyone wants to touch your hairs as it’s real or fake. Hearing “Can I touch your hair?” can be irritating and embracing too.

9.       Need a makeover all time:

If you are having long hairs then you need to maintain it with little makeover all time. You have to need a washroom all time to give a makeover to your hairs.

10.   Wind is your worst enemy:

Wind becomes the worst enemies for girls having the long hairs. The heavy wind spoils all the makeover of hairs and mashed the hairs like hell.

If there are lots of disadvantages of longs hairs then there are certain advantages too. The Indian beauty is known by her long hair is one of example of that. So be aware before you are planning to have long hairs.


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