10 Reasons To Watch Indian Super League


Before the 2013, football league in India is not known by anyone in the world as well as in India too, but now the time has been changed, every Indian know the football and feels proud to watch their best players are doing the more goals. That’s why we have several reasons to watch the India Super league (ISL).

The Indian Super League (ISL) has already started to kick-start from October 12 till December 20 with 8 different cities included in the inaugural event. The ISL is official known as the Hero Indian Super League for sponsorship reasons, was founded in 2013 in an effort to make football a top sport in India. India is ranked lowly in FIFA rankings but after ISL, that may be about to change. Former Sunderland and Manchester City manager Peter Reid says the new Indian Super League can be the start of a new dawn for football in India

Football is a beautiful game that has generated interest in different countries and people don’t need to find the reason to watch football. Some states such as West Bengal, Maharashtra, Goa and Kerala have people with genuine interest in this game. The Indian Super League has already a medium of interest and entertainment with the meaning of a sport. Don’t believe, then I will tell you the 10 reasons to watch the Indian Super league, after that you will never going to miss it.

1. League full of stars:

For the very first time in Indian Super league is full of top quality talent from across the globe. From Robert Pires to Nicholas Anelka, the Indian Super League is not just for Indian football. Our Indian players are also playing against some top names and World Cup heroes.

2. Broadcasting in a broad way:

Star Sport who is the officially partner of Indian Super League, will be broadcasting the ISL officially in India. Apart from that the channel also broadcast the matches in 5 different languages. So everyone can watch the league in their language.

3. Tie-ups with foreign clubs:

May be many football fans know that Atletico De Kolkata were bought by the current La Liga champions, Atletico Madrid while FC Goa have tied up with Italian club, FC Fiorentina. It was fist open to all football clubs across the world for a tie-up with the ISL teams or brings any Indian talent.

4. Change the way we play football:

As I mentioned before that before 2013 football was not liked by many of the people in India. It was generally termed ‘boring’ by many young fans. With the introduction Indian Super league, the club managers along with star players and other members of ISL has introduce some ‘new style of play’ for the new generation and lovers of games.

5. Finally, football stadiums will see packed crowds:

As per as we know that in Kolkata or Goa, the majority of football lovers are higher, who support their favorite player as well as team in ISL in comparison with the Delhi and Mumbai. Now the football stadiums will be packed with full of crowds to cheer up the teams.

6. Many celebrities have come forward to help the league:

Many Bollywood and other celebrity have moved forward to enhance the craze of football in India. Some of them have even become the co-owners of the franchise teams like Ranbir Kappor, Varun Dhawan, Abhishek Bacchan, John Abrahaim etc. People watch the legue for support their favorite celeb’s team.

7. It became as much successful as Cricket:

Apart from the Bollywood Celebrity, the cricketers have also come forward to support this tournament as well. Some of the famous faces like Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli etc are the part of ISL. They also want to make football as the best game in India as Cricket.

8. Organizers have put lot of effort to popularize this league:

Many of the high organizations are putting their remarkable effort to make this league as large as FIFA. Organizers have put lot of effort to popularize this league tournament through the modern platforms, apart from the traditional platforms.

9. Many corporate entities are trying to bring the local football talent in India:

As this the national league for India so many corporate standards like Reliance, Hero and many others are trying to make this league to the high level by which the Indian football talent can be brought in India as well as for the world.

10. Grab the world with India:

Last but not the least, this reason is for the soul of viewers for watching the ISL, this league has already makes India proud in the world. Apart from that to get in the famous name in football from the world in this league, it has grab the world in India also.

So these the enough reasons 10 reasons to watch the ISL, so from now onwards make a football sprit in you and feel “Come on India, lets football”.


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