10 Things Curvy Girls are Fed Up of Hearing

parineeti chopra fed up

Curvy has never been a problem (in olden times!). However, since the time zero size and leaner, slender, anorexic bodies had started ruling the movie and modelling industry, girls are having tough time. Curvy girls are the one who get maximum free advice from everyone around. Right from the neighbourhood aunty to the teenager sister of their friends, relatives, guests, boys, friends, and even teachers, everyone around wants to give ‘expert’ advice on how to lose weight.

Here is list of 10 things curvy girls are dead tired of hearing:


1. “Lose Some Weight. You’ll look great!”

“Shut your mouth. I’ll feel great!” is all the curvy girl has to say in return. She is curvy and she knows it. She has to lose weight and she knows it. Losing weight will make her look ‘different’. The curvy girl is intelligent enough to know this too. She is simply fed up!

parineeti chopra fed up

2. “Lose Weight or Else Marriage may be a Serious Problem.”

“Shut your mouth or else, you may end up having serious problem.” Every curvy girl regardless of her age is warned about problems with finding a suitable match. Give her some break, aunties!

3. “Wo Healthy Si Ladki”

Being ‘plump’ or ‘healthy’ becomes the curvy girl’s identity. In fact, they start wondering if the well-wishers are known for something other than their weight.

4. “Try Out this Diet. You will Lose Weight Like that!

Parties, seminars, marriages, tuition classes, and even movie theatres – curvy girls will get someone who has the perfect diet for them. It is as if the entire world wants to help her lose weight.

angry vidya balan

5. “Yaar don’t mind, this is poison for you!”

Hitting the favourite restaurant in a group may become suicidal for curvy girls. There will be at least one man or woman in the group who cares more for what the curvy girl had ordered or carefully keeps tabs on what and how much she eats. “Don’t eat that!” – is what follows.

6. “Wear Black. You’ll Look Slim!”

It is a sin for curvy girls to wear red, hot pink, golden, or yellow! They will be caught and given the ‘groundbreaking suggestion of wearing black!’ Eureka! The curvy girl never knew about the trick!!!!

7. “Such a Pretty Face. Losing Some Weight will make You Look like a Hollywood Celebrity.”

“Aww! How sweet!” The curvy girl never knew about it. Super intelligent brain of annoying neighbourhood aunty had opened her eyes!

parineeti chopra curvy look

8. “Have you Checked out the Latest Plus Size Collection? They are Super Cool!”

“What made you check out that, sweetheart? Why do you care so much for me?” Well, the curvy girl knows where to shop from and what. So let her be!

9. “Isn’t that too Tight for You?”

“Is that really a problem with you?” Curvy girls wear their size and know what makes them feel comfortable and what not. So the suggestions are definitely not welcome.

10. “Pretty for your Size!”

“Thanks for calling me ugly.” They can really make out your politeness. Hence, this may not be the appropriate compliment for curvy ladies.


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