10 Things Only a Delhi Metro Commuter can Understand

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Metro is undoubtedly the pride of India. We love metro for many reasons. Right from the fantabulous frequency of trains to sparkling clean stations, awesome speed and reach, and environment friendly, there numerous reasons to love Delhi Metro. Millions of people across the country use Metro for commuting. Although it is one of the most comfortable public transport mechanisms, a lot of things may make the journey a little cheesy and annoying. Here are 10 things only a Delhi Metro commuter can understand:

  1. What’s the Hurry, Man?

The frequency is good. The speed is fabulous, and people get enough space to travel in it provided they maintain some discipline. However, people still prefer entering a fully crowded metro way before people have gotten off it. This created unnecessary problems and confusion. It is extremely difficult to understand what’s the hurry?

  1. Phone Speakers On!

Rules are never meant to be followed, at least in India. Hence, although playing music is banned in Metro, most people love to play loud music on their phone speakers. The voice is loud enough to overpower the announcements. It is super annoying!

  1. Ouchhhhh!!!

So you have put in all efforts to make your shoes shine and look great. But your co-passengers stepped on them mercilessly and put their footprints on them. Only a metro commuter can understand the pain of getting the toes crushed.

  1. Shake That

If it is about some serious pole dancing, it has to be in the Delhi Metro. The pole inside is something men and women like to cling on, circle around, dance around with their phones, fall upon, and swing around! Simply look at that pole and there you see some serious entertainment absolutely free of cost!

  1. Fart….Ewww!

Now getting into a crowded Delhi metro means you must be prepared to torture your nose with all kinds of smells! Although there’s not much one can do about this, it becomes really difficult to endure. Most of the time; the culprit moves around with an innocent face.

  1. Smack that – All on the Floor

Those who do not get a seat will usurp the floor despite clear instructions from the authorities about a ban on sitting on the floor inside metro.

  1. The Ticket Torture

Looking for a metro token? Well, if you aren’t a card holder, be prepared to pay the exact change (Rs. 27 for a specific station). In case, you aren’t carrying a change, give up the idea of travelling as the person sitting behind the counter will not cooperate!

  1. Peek a Boo

People travelling by the Metro take more interest in what the person sitting next to them has to do. They are so concerned about their life and keep peeping into others phones.

  1. The Luggage

A lot of people bring in their luggage and keep them right in the centre of the coach. This makes the commuter fall, trip! The suitcase invites the wrath of fellow commuters too.

  1.  Kid’s Playground

It is surprising but true that some people allow their kids to play in the metro! These notorious children create nuisance.


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