10 Things that Indians Love to Do


India is known for its diversity in culture and unity. But there are certain interesting facts that make Indians different from others. So what is it that a typical Indian loves to do? What makes us different from the rest across the globe?

Here is the list of 10 interesting things only Indians love to do:

1. Driving without Seatbelt / Helmet

We Indians simply love driving without seatbelts and helmets. This is our birthright. Our hands reach out the seatbelts only when we see a traffic policeman standing nearby. We all Indians love to do this. Safety measures are just to evade penalties and being caught red handed.

2. Guddu Loves Pinki

All of the romance and love comes alive in us only while we travel. As soon as we see a monument or a huge old tree, our innate proficiency to carve names comes alive. We hold mastery at expressing our love. The ability is realised as soon as we see a sparkling wall of a monument.

3. Dhaniya Mirchi

We pay the Rs. 1500 bill at a fine dining restaurant with pride (may a tip to the waiter too). But when it comes to buying the vegetables from a vendor, it is the dhaniya and mirchi we are most interested in. We will spend over 7-8 minutes in convincing the vegetable vendor to give us a 10 Rs. levy on the overall purchase and a bunch of along coriander and green chilli (at least a handful).

4. Thoda aur Pani!!!

Well, this is the most interesting part of having golgappas on street. We will stand in the queue for extra pani (regardless of how spicy and mouth burning it is) and a sookha (free dry papdi or golgappa) to even out the burning effect. No matter how late we are getting or the serpentine queue waiting behind us, we won’t leave unless the vendor gives us thoda aur pani and sookha!

6. Bargain like a Master

We Indians love bargaining at anything and everything. “Chalo, na tumhara na mera” – this line closes a deal. And it may not if we don’t use it. After all, each rupee saved is a rupee earned. Buying at MRP is criminal and biggest disgrace a shopper in India can face. Paying what is asked is a strict no-no for us!

7. Marry Like a King and Queen

Regardless of our status in the society, when it comes to marriages, we don’t consider ourselves less than those born with blue blood. Right from our clothes to the wagons, the wedding venue, makeup, jewellery, feast, and gathering no less them several dosens to join the celebrations, we would do it as lavishly as we can. Drink, dance, dress, and move like the royals do!

8. Jugaad!

In India, nothing is impossible and everything here has a Jugaad (Hindi synonym for ‘work around’). Right from making the electrical appliance work to hiring a maid, getting tickets for a movie, booking a hotel, and getting sister in law married, there exists a ‘Jugaad’ for every crisis on earth. 😀

9. Who is my Father?

Well, most of us would like to know the name of our father from the poor policeman standing at the traffic signal, the banana vendor, the juice wallah, the vegetable seller, the parking man, and even the rickshaw wallah!!!! “Janta hai mera baap kaun hai?” (Do you know who my father is?) So if our father’s brother’s son-in-law’s cousin’s friend’s father is in police department, we are automatically related to them and have a certificate to break signals, not give money at the parking lot, and much more!

10. Foreign Accent

If you see any Indian visiting a foreign country (even for a 4-day trip), he or she will come with a foreign accent they were born with! You would also see this problem with those who speak to foreign tourists on road. The poor person just can’t make out what one is trying to explain in the bizarre foreign accent. Sometimes we Indians get the accent even if we’ve only been to the airport and back!!!!! It is the national ability to pick up foreign accents.


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