10 Things to Do before You got Married

things to do before marriage

Got engaged? Congrats! This is a brand new life you are going to start. Everything (most of the things) will change for you. Right from sharing your bed with someone to being responsible and answerable to someone, the finances too might take a toll! Well, we don’t want to intimidate you but marriage changes a lot of things in one’s life. It is definitely one of the most beautiful phases of one’s life.

But there are some things that you must indulge in before you say ‘I do’. Here’s a list of top ten things to do before you get married. You won’t have any regrets later on in life:

  1. Break your Heart!

Heartaches and breakups teach you a lot in life. You get to know what went wrong and would never let that happen again in a relationship! So don’t rush into marriage. Let your relationship take its course.

  1.  Visit a Strip Club

Whoa! Well, this isn’t aimed at boys. Girls can also visit a local strip club and let their hair down before stepping into a brand new life full of responsibilities. Visiting a strip club at least once is important for all unmarried people. After all, bidding adieu to unmarried life must be a memorable affair!

  1. Holiday Fling

You must have read about those mushy holiday romances. These are super fun! So why not experience that intensive, passionate, and impulsive, love affair while on a holiday? Getting steamy with another tourist may be fun.

  1. Online Dating

This is the trend! Haven’t experienced? Why not try it now rather than regretting later on? It may turn into an experience to remember or cherish for a lifetime!

  1. Live Alone

This is about being yourself. So simply spend a few nights all alone, Cook your own food, wear whatever you wish to, take long hot showers, sing aloud, snore, and wake up late. This is something you may miss out on once you get married.

  1. The Career

This is the right time to focus on your career and get one that you have been desperately looking for. Work hard acquire a position you wish to.

  1. Party in Las Vegas

Vegas is definitely the best and most desirable party town. It is a place you must be in before you get married. Try organising your bachelor party here. Here, you may hang out with strippers, gamble, marry a stranger and get annulment later on, get drunk, and live your fantasies.

  1. Splurge

You deserve it. Get extravagant before you get married. Buy an expensive watch, get an awesome haircut, go for a body spa, get expensive clothes, and a lot more. Indulging in a self pampering session is no crime.

  1. Get into Shape

Get a ripped body or a bikini perfect figure before you get married. This will give you a super strong reason to take pride in yourself.

  1. Life Goals

Prepare a full list of your life goals. This will help you know where you wish to be and by what time.


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