10 Things to do When You Are Alone

things to do in alone

Some people think that being alone is quite different thing. They always want someone to be with them. When people are alone then they find a way to fill every single minute of every day. It has been examined that if you spend some time alone then this is the way to recharge your mental batteries and regroup. You are master of yours when you are alone and can do many things for yourself.

So if you could not decide that what to do when you are alone then here we listed as some ideas for you the things to do when you are alone.

1.       Travel somewhere new:

Remember your last trip when you were with someone then you ended up by making compromises on where to go, what to see etc. But when you are alone you are free to do whatever you want. Even you can stay as long as you want at one place, free to buy anything, eat anything or do anything.

2.       Have a spa day, or get a massage:

If you want to drop your stress or want to feel relax then spa and massage are the best option. Just go to the parlor and have it. It’s probably the best option for you to take on the steam room solo and feel the relaxation.

3.       Go to a bookstore:

If you want some friends then books are the best friend of human. Just go to the bookstore and spend some time with every genre of books. It will be better option if you plop down in a comfy chair. Read the book and find yourself in other world.

4.       Watch your favorite TV Show:

The best time pass option when you are alone to watch your favorite TV shows.  As there are always many shows to catch up or re-watch, so this is the best time to catch them all and finish the entire series of your favorite show in a day.

5.       Indulge in some selfies:

As the trend of selfies is high now a day then this is the best time to capture best selfies for you. It’s better to get dressed in best outfits and take photos of yourself. Take as many you want until you get the perfect one. No one is there to disturb or judge you.

6.       Complete your work:

If you are alone and finding some work then you can complete some of your project or office work.  Apart from the work you can update your resume, put together a portfolio, finish you novel etc.

7.        Get experimental in the kitchen:

As I have earlier mentioned that if you are alone then you are the master of your own. You can try some different recipe and if it mess up then nobody is there to fight with you for that. You can get more idea about that how to make this recipe more perfect.

8.       Try workout:

One should always care about fitness so if you are alone then try some new workout strategies for you. As if you work out alone then no one is there to judge you and or comment on you whatever you, only you are the responsible for yourself.

9.       Go Shopping:

When you want to do shopping there are lots of people who make slow you. It’s getting worse when found a best deal for you while the person with you is not interested in it. Then it is the best time to spend as much time for your shopping and get a good deal for you.

10.   Take the longest  bath of your life:

When you are alone then nobody is there to knock you again and again on the door of bathroom. You can get your shower as long and hot as you want. So turn on some light music and enjoy a long soak with no fear of unwelcome interruptions.


Being alone is great if you have lots of new ideas to fill your time of a day. People want to spend some time alone and when they get the time they ae unable to find the things to do, so enjoy and remember these thing so that you can also enjoy your loneliness further in the future.


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