10 Yummy And Healthy Foods That Can Replace Maggi

masala oats replace maggi

Maggi is getting ban all over in India and its already banned in some states of India like Kerala, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Delhi and more and if the report is right very soon its going to ban in pan India. Maggi breaks so many of hearts with this news now the main question is what we will eat in place of Maggi, yeah i know its tough to choose any other food in place of Maggi but there are many yummilicious foods there which can better replace our 2 minutes Maggi.

Here Are 10 foods that can replace Maggi

1.       Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate, which is also known as hot cocoa, is a hot beverage, which consists of melted chocolate, which is served with warm milk or water. Hot chocolate, which also known as melted chocolate is sometime, called drinking chocolate. It is sweet in taste and thicker in size. It is consideredthe national drink of Mexican city. It is also the traditional dish of Mexican city, which includes cinnamon, sugar and vanilla. It is servedin hexagonal tablets, which can be dissolved in hot milk or water and then blend it until the mixture develops in a creamy froth. Nothing makes one feel better than a steamed mug of hot chocolate.

hot chocolate replace maggi


2.       Scrambled Eggs

The scrambled egg is the dish, whichis made from white and yolks of eggs. Eggs should be cracked in the bowl with water or milk and the mixture is stirred. Then frying pan is taken and this mixture is to be transferred in a hot pan that is greased by melted butter. The heat is turned is to be lowered and the butter starts coagulating. The eggs are to be firmly stirred while cooking. Eggs will become like soft and small curds after this. Once the batter sets, put the cream or cheese until it is incorporated. Do this until the eggs are ready to eat.



3.       Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

The peanut butter and the jelly sandwich is the sandwich, which is popular in North America, which includes a layer of peanut butter or jelly between the slices of bread. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is made up of white bread. To make this bread, take two tablespoons of each peanut butter and grape jelly, which gives about 27% of a person’s daily intake of fat and 22% of calories. Roughly saying that 45% calories are from fat comes from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These fats are directly linked to heart


4.       BhelPuri

Bhelpuri originated in India and is consideredsometimes to be a chaat. It is a Marathi dish, cooked out of rice some veggies and a sweet and spicy sauce of tamarind. It is commonly available in all over India but it is often identified at the beaches of Mumbai. Bhel is also known as bhela, churumuri and it comes in different variations such as Sevpuri, Dahipuri, SevPapadiChaat.

bhelpuri replace maggi

5.       French toast

It is also called as gypsy toast, eggy bread or Spanish bread. The dish contains of bread dipped in whippedeggs which are fried afterwards.



6.       Khakhra

Khakhrais originated from the state of Gujrat as part of Gujrat’s cuisine. It is a thin cracker, which is made of mat bean, wheat flour and oil and served with chutneys.



7.       Masala Oats

Masala Oats, which are sometimes known as common oats, is a cereal grain, which is usually known by its name. This is the most suitable diet for human consumption as oatmeal and rolled oats.

masala oats replace maggi

8.       Salad

Salad is a dish, which consist of small pieces of vegies, which is mixed with sauce or salad dressing. It contains of green vegetables and is a green and healthy snack.

 salad replace maggi

9.       Biryani

Biryani is on every foodie’s list. The dish contains of spicy chicken with rice, seasoning upon it, add some gravy and chutney, and you will catered the perfect dish!

biryani replace maggi


10.   Yippee Noodles

yeppiiee noodles

These are also ready to cooked noodles, but differ in taste and texture. Cooking process is as easy as Maggie.


These are some foods that can replace Maggie  and are as tasty as Maggie.



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