11 Food Trucks In India You Must Try Out

The Spitfire BBQ Truck, Bangalore

Food Trucks are getting more and more popular by the day, with more of them appearing on streets often. Food Trucks usually refer to large vehicles, offering several different variety of food to the people. Food Trucks can include ice cream trucks, and they may sell both pre-packaged or frozen food. Several food trucks also have on-board kitchens, and these prepare the food from scratch. Fast food items like French fries, sandwiches, hamburgers and regional fast food is pretty common for food trucks to sell.

Recently, food trucks have grown to offer more variety of specialities and gourmet cuisine. They have become increasingly famous, and are now on the front line of the street food industry.

The following is a list of food trucks in India that are a must try for everybody:

fogo food truck mumbai

  • FoGo, Mumbai

This one is one of the more known food trucks operating in the Dahisar West area of Mumbai. It is popular for putting a variety of stuffing into their soft and fluffy pavs, ranging from nutella to salamis.

Mumbai Rolling Kitchen, Mumbai

  • Mumbai Rolling Kitchen, Mumbai

Another popular food truck in Mumbai, which operates in Airoli outside Mind Space. The Mumbai Rolling Kitchen offers delicious different variety of burgers to their customers.

bombay food truck

  • Bombay Food Truck, Mumbai

Yet another food truck, which runs in Mumbai in BKC. The Bombay Food Truck offers some of the best and yummiest street food in the whole city. Their most famous two dishes are kheemabrunpav bowl and pavbhaji roll.

Tasty Trails, Mumbai

  • Tasty Trails, Mumbai

Tasty Trails working in Mumbai offers the best food after a night out. They offer different kind of pastas to their customers, with all of them being rich in color and creamy in taste.

Drifters Café, Delhi NCR

  • Drifters Café, Delhi NCR

If you are a lover of Chinese food, especially Spring rolls and Momos, this is one food truck you must try. The Drifters Café offers great fast food to their customers, and are known for their Spring rolls and Momos.

something saucy delhi

  • Something Saucy, Delhi

Something Saucy is widely popular for offering one of the best fast food to their customers. The food truck operates in Sector 29, Gurgaon and serves a great number of people each day.

Frugurpop, Delhi NCR

  • Frugurpop, Delhi NCR

Being a delight for popsicles lovers,the Frugurpop offers some of the best and fresh fruit popsicles to their customers. The Food truck runs in sector 59, Gurgaon.

Eggjactly, Delhi NCR

  • Eggjactly, Delhi NCR

Another popular and famous food truck working in Delhi, which brings about much attention from its name. However, don’t be fooled, as mostly it serves some of the most delicious burgers along with chocolaty waffles.

Le CasseCroûte, Bengaluru

  • Le CasseCroûte, Bengaluru

A well-known food truck running in the city of Bengaluru, which mainly deals in offering delectable croques and an abundant amount of fries, which you are sure to love!

swat food truck

  • S.W.A.T. Food Truck, Bengaluru

Feel safe ‘n’ secure after eating an incredibly delicious mac ‘n’ cheese burger from this S.W.A.T. themed food truck running in Bengaluru.

The Spitfire BBQ Truck, Bangalore

  • The Spitfire BBQ Truck, Bengaluru

The Spitfire BBQ Truck offers the yummiest hot dogs in the Bengaluru, with a variety of stuffing’s.


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