11 Kickass Reasons to Have a Tamilian (No Madrasi Please) Friend

tamilian friend

Having a South Indian friend can be real fun. Now this is different from MADRASI friend. Madrasis are only from Madras. Since Madras has been rechristened as Chennai, no term as ‘Madrasi’ exists. People belonging to Kerala are Malayalis, Tamil Nadu are Tamilians, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are Andhriites and Telanganiites, and Karnataka are Kannadigas. A collective term as ‘South Indians’ can also be used.

Now the question is whether they make good friends? Well, they make best of friends and fun people to be around. Here are some awesome reasons to have a Tamilian friend:

1. You would Hear Some Fabulous Stories

South Indians are superb story tellers. They always have interesting anecdotes to share with their friends. They know the best of everything in the city. So right from the best pf restaurants to the bars and night clubs, you can depend on them to know about the best. Tamilians known for their adventurous nature. Don’t believe? Simply reach out to one of your acquaintances and enquire him about the same! You will get  the answer combined with a scientific reason for free.

2. Intellectuals – You will Get Instant Help for Mathmatics

This is true. Tamilians are great intellectuals. They will help you crack the most difficult of matehmatics problems. You would never fail in mathematics with a Tamilian friend ready to help you out.

3. Grammar – No Errors Found!

Hmm…English is definitely a problem for most UPiites, Punjabis, and Haryanavis. Having a Tamilian friend will help a great deal in this regard. Leaving the accent behind, you will learn a lot from you Tamilian friend.

4. Multi-Lingual

Apart from Hindi and English, Tamilians know their native language Tamil and another language similar to it – Malayalam. So you would definitely benefit learning a few more languages.

5. Learn the Best Way to Abuse

Tamilians are perfect abusers too! So if you don’t want to abuse in Punjabi or Hindi, simply learn some phrases in Tamil!

6. The Lip Smacking South Indian Cuisine

This is one of the best things about having a Tamilian friend. You can enjoy lip smacking recipes including smoking hot idlis, sambhar, vadas, dosas, medu vadas and a lot more.

7. Healthy Food = South Indian Food

The secret to their slender body sans any pot belly and extra doses of cholesterol is the food. South Indian food is prepared in less oil. No overcooking and extra roasting is requird for daily homemade food which makes it a very delicious and healthy option.


8. Classy Elite Fashion

If it is about elite understated and classy fashion sans going over the top, it has to be learnt from a Tamilian. One glimpse of Kanjeevaram clad Rekha and you know how it is.

9. Pretty Looks

Tamil girls are beautiful. They are mostly lookalikes of Rekha, Hema Malini, Sridevi, Vyjayanthimala, Shruti Hasan, Asin, Rambha, and Shriya Saran. In fact, Right from Aishwarya Rai to Shilpa Shetty, most of the beautiful actresses ruling the Bollywood hail from south India.

10. Residents of Broad Minded Literate Land

Interestingly, Tamilians are open-minded citizens hailing from a land biasting high literacy rates in the country. They are full of civic sense, intelligent, and amazing beings ready to help others.

11. Your Love for Rajnikanth

Isn’t this a reason enough? Your Tamilian friend hails from the land of our very own Indian awesome superhero. Presently Rajnikant is the global superherob and undoubtedly smarter than many hundreds of Chuck Norrises together. So, all the Rajni fans…don’t miss the chance!


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