11 Sure Shot Signs You are Addicted to Tea

tea addiction

There are a number of people who just cannot live without tea. Whether it is a mild headache, cold, excess work pressure, stress, rain, meeting, friends, staying awake late at night, or even ending up food in a good note, a cup of tea is a must have for them.

Although it isn’t bad to have tea, excess of everything is counted as bad. So it is important to know whether you are addicted to tea and take measures against it.

Here are 11 sure shot signs that suggest excess addiction to tea:

1. Waking Up is Hell without a Cup of Tea

This is the major sign suggesting severe addiction of tea among most indviduals. Many people simply find it impossible to start their day without a cup of tea. They feel lethargic and out of energy without the cup of tea.

2. Coffee doesn’t Win your Hear Even if it is Free!

If it is tea that you prefer over coffee even if it is free, then it is tea addiction you suffer from.

3. Special Bonding

Do you bond easily with those who love tea? This explains your obsession for the caffeinated beverage.

4. The Energy Booster

What is your instant energy booster? If ek cup chai gets you going or makes you feel like the much needed energy drink, it is more than just the love for tea.

5. Your Perfect Rainy Day is Incomplete without Tea

If your perfect rainy day doesn’t happen without tea, you can’t live without it. The obsession for tea is getting out of control.

6. No Tea! I will Die!

If absence of tea leaves or any other ingredient that helps with its preparation hurts you a lot, then it is pure addiction to tea.

7. Before Food, After Food, In the Morning, In the Afternoo, In the Evening, At Night – Tea Keeps You Going!

Really? The tea bug has caught you!

8. Depression  Calls for Tea!

What is your idea of gettng rid of depression? Is it tea?

9. Sick and Down – Tea is your Medicine!

Thoise who are addicted to tea consider it as the healing solution for every sickness and ailment. Right from headache to backache, fever, and stress related problems, tea comes to their ultimate rescue.

10. You know 100 Reasons Why Tea is Good for  Health

You know what your favourite tea comprises of and more than 100 ways it helps keep you hale and hearty.

11. Tea is Your Love

If tea is your first and last love, it is definitely addiction.


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