11 Things Only a Single Girl can Enjoy

girl travel the world

Singlehood is no sin. It is a matter of choice – to be or not to be. It all depends on the woman. Most people look at single girls and women with pity. However, there isn’t a need absolutely. They are happier, contented, and better off being single. In fact, there are many things only a single girl can enjoy!

Here is a list of 11 amasing thing better and ONLY enjoyed by a single girl:

girl travel the world

  1. Travel the World

Yes, this is one of the most interesting things of being single. You can travel all across the globe without the fear for giving explanation to your husband, boyfriends, etc. Men have the leverage to travel all the time or any time they want to. No one asks questions to them. This is the kind of freedom and more that only a single girl can enjoy.

  1. Sexuality!

Being single give you the freedom to experiment and try dating different types of men. The fun part is that it allows you to know who you are and what you want. It lets you know what you enjoy the most and why. The process of discovering one’s sexuality is a wonderful part of being single!

  1. I Don’t Want to See You Again!

This is easy, fun, and possible only for single girls. Enjoying a decent date, kissing the guy, etc. would have been loads of fun. However, this may not be enough to let someone cling on to you for long. You don’t feel like meeting the person again? Simply say you don’t want and move on! It is extremely easy being single.

  1. Online Dating

A single woman doesn’t have to worry about online dating adventures. It may be fun, bad, a disaster, or the worst thing of your life. However, it doesn’t need to be the last. Single women can enjoy and go through various phases of online dating without worrying about anything. There is no need to explain anything to anyone here.

  1. Break from Dating

Single and not ready to mingle? Well, you can simply take a long break from dating and enjoy the phase. Shop, hop, pamper yourself, move around with your girlfriends, gossip, join a health club, study something new, or start a business of your own. Do all that you have always been thinking of!

  1. The Single Behaviour

This is something only a single girl can enjoy. Staying awake late, getting up late, not looking good always, enjoying the kind of food you wish to, and watching dirty movies – the singlehood opens many doors to happiness!

Single Lifestyle

Most married and engaged women may not admit this but they are secretly jealous of the single lifestyle most of their friends enjoy! Single girls don’t need to be at home early, they don’t need to save a lot of money, and much more. The lifestyle comprises of doing whatever one wants.

  1. The Sex Life

A recent research has proved that ladies in the United States enjoy orgasms more than the coupled-up ones do. No commitment, no emotions, and no strings attached relationships tend to ensure more and stronger orgasms to women!

  1. Give Up

Hate your boss? It is easier for single women to resign from their sucking sickening jobs than those who are in a relationship. There is nothing to worry about the dependents.

  1. Adventure

No one can enjoy adventures of life better than single women. It is all up to them to handle the pressure of life, climb a mountain, celebrate a success, or cry over a defeat.

  1. Kids or No Kids

Single women are not answerable to anyone for having kids or not having them. They are free birds and can make this decision on their own.

  1. The Sole Fact of Being Single

Being single is no disease. It is a cool state and a matter of choice. It is a process of learning and discovering oneself. Only single women can enjoy this beautiful phase of life.


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