11 Things that Make Punjabis the Most Fun to Be With

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Loud and bubbling with life, Punjabis simply embody fun and excitement. Right from their love for colour, life, food, drinks, and music, Punjabis are widely known across the globe for their habit of going over the top.

Here are 11 things that make Punjabis simply fun and awesome to be with:

  1. Aa Pappiyaan Jhappiyaan Paa Le Hum – They are So Loving!

Meeting a Punjabi in person is one of the most unforgettable experiences one can have. His is no simple meeting. You must expect a seriously bone-crushing hug and a nice peck on the cheek. There’s no way to escape the embrace – don’t even try it!

  1. Langar – We Serve All

Also referred to as ‘free kitchen’, the Langar was started by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Pride of all Punjabis, it is designed to endorse the theory of equality between all people across the globe regardless of religion, caste, colour, creed, age, gender or social status. It also signifies the spirit of selfless serving of Punjabis.

  1. Real Punjabis Start their Day after 8 at Night

The essence of being a Punjabi is their ability to get loaded with energy after 8 at night when most people are at their lowest in energy levels. Hence, being with a Punjabi at this time of the day means having Patiala peg, enjoing kukkad shukkad, listening to Yo Yo Honey Singh, and displaying dancing skills.

  1. The Pronunciation

This is the cutest thing Punjabis are known for. Here, being with a Punjabi literally means getting amused with how they pronounce English words. You can hear Bullt (bullet), Mrruti (Maruti), appall (apple), Nyoda (Noida), Saraf (Surf), Suckreen (screen), puls (police), and Kanayda (Canada). Cute they are!

  1. The Art of Spending

Punjabis are known for being liberal with cash. In fact, no other community across the world hold expertise in the art of spending more than earning. So, if you are with a Punjabi, money is not a problem.

  1. Expert in Repeating

Punjabis love to repeat their words – Chicken-shicken, pyaar-shyaar, dinner-shinner, mutton-shutton, chai-shai, party-sharty, TV-Sheevi. So this way, the fun-shun of being with a Punjabi intensifies.

  1. The Biggest Concern is Fun Too!

The biggest concern in a Punjabi’s life is – what to eat, when to eat, and whom to eat with. How fun is that!

  1. Affection in Every Punch

Hit-and-love is what Punjabis love the most. So you can literally feel the love and affection in every Chapped (slap), Chand (spank), and Chhittar (shoes). And if they abuse you saying ‘Kutta’ or ‘Khotta’ then you’re the most lovable person for them on earth.

  1. Being Loud is Cool!

Talking, singing, advising, or listening to songs, Punjabis do it all aloud. No wonder a Punjabi guy likes to call himself an amplifier and his girlfriend a woofer – “woofer tu meri, main tera amplifier”.

  1. The Names!

Well, every Punjabi is a Bittoo, Kaka, Pinki, Guddi, Tinku, Happy, Baby, Sonu, Monu, and Tinku. And Yes, most of the time, the family doesn’t know the real name of the person. Hence, the wedding card will read as Maninder (Kaka) weds Kulwinder (Guddi)!

  1. Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

This is the real fun part of having a Punjabi friend. All Punjabi weddings are big and comprises of the best food, clothes, alcohol, huge gathering of relatives, loud music, at least 5 big functions. And when the Punjabi wedding is on – Poora London Thumakda!


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