11 Things You Would Know When You Are in a Live-in Relationship

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Live-in relationship has been a taboo in the Indian society for quite some time now. Of late, the arrangement has been legalized by the government. So a couple living in without marriage isn’t illegal anymore. It is acceptable by law. However, the term is still not accepted open heartedly by certain sections of society. Couples have to face raised eyebrows, wide open mouth, and a huge list of questions from all those whom they encounter with.


Here are 11 most common things you would related to when in a live-in relationship:


1. Freedom


This is the major benefit for those in a live in relationship. With this arrangement, couples don’t require giving up on any rights nor accept any responsibility. Commitments and questions are not a part of this relationship. Hence, a lot of younger couples are looking forward to live-in together without any ties.


2. No Responsibility
Load of responsibility is very less as compared to in a marriage. There is no need to worry about children, kins, relatives, friends, and mainntaining a social life together. Also the responsibility is not piled on to a single partner.  The best part is that there is no hassles of looking after children and entertaining relatives.


3. Financial Freedom


Live-in relationships is a sure shot guarantee for financial freedom for both parties involved. On the other hand, in a marriage couples require sharing earnings and maintain homes. Financial matters can be separate in a live in relationship. Also there are no arguments or problems associated to money and other problems.


4. Compatibility


The relationship is a perfect way to test compatibility in a relationship. So those looking forward to get married or considering a serious turn for their relationship should enter into a live in relationship to check compatibility wth each other. No ties are attached in this relationship. Hence, the couple doesn’t need to stay together if they don’t want to.


5. Change is Possible


Since there is no commitment among couples in a live in relationship, it is possible to switch to another partner if no compatibility is found. Here, no legal procedures, alimony, or other hassles are involved.


6. Breakup is No Problem


When breaking up, you are not answerable to your partner. Here, you dont need to divide the debts or family assets when moving out.


7. Societal Norms is the Last Thing on your Mind



These norms are definitely the last thing on your mind when in a live in relationship. Since the reltionship isn’t tied to the society or any of the traditions, you don’t have to face the adversities and impact of society.


8. Respect


This is one thing in a live-in relationship every couple likes. The couples  respect each other without any concerns related to insecurity or losing the partner. No one takes each other for granted in this relationship.


9. More Time


Live in couples don’t usually suffer from problems related to time constraints. In a marriage a lot of time is spent on fulfilling responsibilities towards children and other family members. Live in couples also enjoy living independent lives and get adequate time for themselves.


10. Divorce is No Problem
Since a live in relationship is without marriage, it comes without any problems related to divorce and legal procedures.


11. Experience What  Living Together is Like


Being in a live in relationship is like experiencing what marriage is without actually facing the repurcussions of the ritual.


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