11 Types of Women Every Man want to Marry

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What is a man’s idea of perfect wife material? Although this varies from one man to another, there is a standard benchmark every man sets and looks up to when considering a partner. Here are 11 types of women every man wants to marry:

  1. The Well Maintained Clean Woman

Well, the ideal woman doesn’t require suffering from OCD (obsessive cleaning disorder). However, men definitely prefer their women to maintain themselves and consider hygiene as the best religion (personal, home, and for the kids).

  1. The Space Giving Woman

Men fear losing their freedom. This is one of the major reasons they fail to commit. One who is ready to ensure space on a regular basis can make for the perfect wife for them.

  1. Trophy with Character

Of course, every man dreams of a beautiful trophy wife whom they can take pride in and like to show off. It is definitely if a woman is as beautiful at heart as she is on the outside. Also the woman needs to show some character. Fidelity is the topmost priority for men.

  1. Loves My Mom, Dad, Sis, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, Dog, and Chandigarh Wali Chachi

Love it or hate it, ‘love me love my dog’ is the attitude all men have towards a woman they are committed to. So whoever makes a super good emotional and super loving impression on their family wins their heart.

  1. The Trusting Woman

Men hate over possessive women. Hence, their ideal choice of marriage is one who trusts unconditionally without displaying fear that he’ll run off with some other woman.

  1. The Bedroom Dame

This is the most important for a woman to qualify for being the marriage material for men. After all it is no secret that men want sex more frequently as compared to their women counterparts. Also men want their women to initiate the bedroom action sometimes. They love to see he sexual confidence in their women. Men too want their clothes to be ripped off. This gives them the feeling that they are irresistible to their wives – full ego boost!

  1. Woman Sans Drama

Drama             queens are a no-no for men when it comes to marriage. So, they simply marry a woman who doesn’t act out toward their man. For them, if it is something that hurts a woman’s feelings or saying anything the woman disagrees with, the last thing they expect is an emotional drama. Talking about it and discussing over the matter is what they prefer.

  1. The Cooking Woman

So you have heard the popular saying” The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. This is definitely true and a man would want to marry a woman who can cook to delight his taste buds and ensure him a trip to gastronomical amusement very frequently. Getting served and pampered with their favourite dishes is a big turn on for women.

  1. Confident Woman

Men simply adore confident women. Hence, they don’t think twice before going down on their knees to propose a woman who is confident and cheerful. Overconfidence is a bug turn off!

  1. The No Nagger

When it comes to marriage, nagging aunties are a strict no-no for men. They simply hate being surrounded by a woman who nags a lot. So if you want your guy of dreams to propose you, simply avoid nagging!

  1. Unconditional Lover

Men are known to become slaves to women who pour unconditional love on them and their family. This is one quality that makes men go head over heels for a woman.


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