12 Things that Only a Hosteller can Understand

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Growing up has never been easy. Remember your hostel days? Well, who doesn’t? But they are nothing all fun or all depression as depicted in Hindi movies. Here’s what the real experience is. Listed below are 12 things only a hosteller can understand:

  1. Your Parents Love You!

Well, while at home, most of us think that parents are alarm clocks who just cannot see us enjoy the warmth of blankets for ‘5 more minutes’. But once in hostel, they are just concerned about ‘khana khaya’ or ‘so jao beta’. Only a hosteller can understand the real love of heir parents.

  1. Maggi

Every hosteller knows why a hostel mess is referred to as a “mess”. It offers the most awful food one can get on earth. Maggi comes as life saviour. Indeed, a hosteller is the most suitable brand ambassador of ‘Meri Maggi’ ads.

  1. Room Mate is Life Mate

For a hosteller, a roommate is not a person he or she shares the room with. It is about sharing a life. Irritating yet the most reliable and lovable individual one would ever know!

  1. Birthday Bangs

Nothing is as rocking as hostel birthday surprises. They rock and friends in hostel turn into your extended family.

  1. Checking Time

This is the terror hour for every hosteller. Most boys and girls start reaching out to the banned objects with an intention to hide them. It is almost the ‘do or die’ moment for all!

  1. Miss You Wi-fi

This is something every hosteller miss. The real value of FREE uninterrupted wi-fi at home is only realised once you start staying in hostel. So, the party time is when the college wi-fi is left switched on by someone in the admin.

  1. The Sutta Fever

“Sutta hai kya?” is the most common question asked by hostellers to each other. This is usually the most important thing one can look for in desperate times.

  1. Hostel Guard is Your Mai-Baap

Definitely! No one is more important to a hosteller than a hostel guard. This is the guy who knows you, knows about you, and has saved your ass innumerable times! The favour is usually returned with bottle of liquor, daily ‘salaam’, and occasional tip.

  1. No Water!

There has to be some connection between foaming up the soap and water flow. The water always goes out when a hosteller is half way through his or her shower!

  1. The Toilet

The wait for the toilet to get free seems to be an endless process.

  1. Washing Clothes is an Art

You respect the house maid Kantabai more than ever. Hostel is the first step to learning how to wash clothes. You realise that it is an art!

  1. Cleaning Room is Waste of Time!

You know cleaning hostel room is nothing less than a waste of time as your room mate will make it dirty again.


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