6 Reasons Why Narendra Modi is the Best Prime Minister Ever

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Narendra Damodardas Modi is the first prime minister of India who born in Independent India. He is one of the most popular leaders now a day. He was born on September 17, 1950 into a humble family in Vadnagar, Gujarat.

Narendra Modi is the great inspiration for the youth of India. He has transformed himself from a tea seller to the Prime minister of India. Modi has become a lesson for the world because he has proven that India is the only country which can do whatever it want without any global support.

Today we are listing some of the reasons that make him the best prime minister of India:

  • Energetic:

Although Modi is 64 year old but if you see him then you can’t find any single line of tiredness. Modi is very disciplined and punctual towards his work and life. He gets up early in the morning and follows a daily routine of Yoga and exercises that gives him more calories to work hard. I dint see any other politician as active as he is. His activeness for the country makes him the best among all.

 USA President Barak Obama called Narendra Modi as “Man of Action”

  • Business Minded:

The art of Business comes from the birth in every Gujrati. As Modi belongs to Gujrat, he knows very well that how to deal with any particular situation. If you are observing his visits to the foreign countries then you will find then he has the capability to bring the business from the other countries. He presents so friendly deal to the other so that no one can deny his proposal.  This is the unique quality of Narendra Modi.

  • Tech Friendly:

Modi is the only leader who knows that how to use technology well. After becoming the Prime Minister he has encouraged his team members to use more technology and service to connect with more and more people. He connects with people with the leading social networking sites as Facebook and Twitter. Apart from that Modi Joined the leading image sharing app “Instagram” on November 12, 2014 for sharing the live moments with the people of India. 

  • Man with his words:

He is the only leader of India who always means for his words. The President of America Mr. Barak Obama also said about him that Modi is the very hardworking and committed leader who will lead the India to the next level. Modi always encourage the people with his words. He always fulfills the expectations of the people.  

  • Support Overall Development:

There are lots of Prime minister has come and gone but nobody focused about the overall development of the country. Modi always focuses the development of the rural area and villages. As he belongs to a poor family he knows the pain of being hungry. Modi is doing many efforts in the field of developing the rural areas. Villages are also the part of the country so try to move ahead the villages then the country will move on itself.

  • Focus on cleanness of India:

Before some time India was known as the most beautiful country in the world. But due to overpopulation the beauty has gone. Modi is the first prime minister who notices about the clean ness of holy river “Ganga”. He started a mission named “Swachh Bharat Mission” for the cleanness of India. He wants to dedicate a neat and clean India to the Mahatama Gandhi on his 150th Birth anniversary in 2019 which is a respectable step for the growth of the nation.

Narendra Modi is the only topic on which any one can speak as much. Modi has changed the thinking of Indians for a great Digital India. The positive thinking of Modi can be seen now in every Indian. So hats off to the best prime minister of India ever.


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