6 Ways You Can Keep Your Home Safe While On A Vacation

How many times have you packed everything for your vacation, kept your bags in the car and then got down again just to tug at the lock and check if it’s locked properly?

Sometimes we leave lights on to create the illusion that there are still people living inside the house to keep burglars away. In today’s world, it is increasingly important to make sure your house is safe and secure and not subject to theft when you’re away.

After all, we’re the generation who grew up watching the Home Alone movies, right? You know what happens when you lock your house and go on a vacation. Burglars pretty much think it’s the best time to attack.

Now, we’re not telling you all this to make you panic. Instead, we’re going to give you 6 tips that can slightly decrease the chances of something unfortunate happening to your house when you’re away.

1. Get A Proper Security System

Get A Proper Security System

A home monitoring system lets you keep an eye on your house even when you’re away. It could be a simple system like a security camera installed near your gates or an alarm system that automatically calls you when it suspects a potential theft incident. Installing a home security system can give you the peace of mind that you need when you’re away. To keep your home secured, visit locksmith www.lockupservices.ca and get the best solutions.

2. Take Care Of The Everyday Activities

Take Care Of The Everyday Activities

One of the easiest ways to identify if a house is currently occupied or not are looking at the mailbox and finding a pile of newspapers and mail on it. This gives a clear message to potential burglars that the residents of the house are currently away. In order to avoid this risk, it is always better to take care of things like newspaper delivery, lawn mowing etc. Continue maintenance activities like lawn moving while holding activities like newspaper delivery, etc.

3. Do Not Advertise Your Journey On Social Media

Do Not Advertise Your Journey On Social Media

This could be a difficult one. But today, even thieves and criminals are on social media and your post on how you’re away for the next 10 days on some exotic vacation is only going to give people ideas. We know it can be difficult to go away without posting an update on social media, so ensure that your privacy settings are in place and your post does not go into the feed of strangers. You never know who might be the cause of your woes. An alternate idea would be to post your update after you’re back.

4. Leave Lights On Or Get Sensor Lights

Leave Lights On Or Get Sensor Lights

We know from Home Alone that how we have to leave our lights on during vacation. This gives thieves an idea that people might still be in the house. Taking this idea to the next step, you could also install sensor lights, both indoors and outdoors. One or two sensor lights programmed to be turned on and off at the right times could create the perfect illusion of inhabitance in your house. And the best part is, these lights are inexpensive and easy to install.

5. Be Open About Your Security

Be Open About Your Security

Keep signs near gates and doors that everything in the house is marked by professionals or that there are dogs inside. Advertising the fact that you have tight security in your house might sometimes cause burglars to avoid entering your house. After all, they don’t want to get caught anyway, too.

6. Confide In A Trusted Friend

 Confide In A Trusted Friend

When you’re away, you can ask your trusted neighbor, friend or relative to keep an eye on your house. They could help you with doing away promotional flyers that tend to pile up on your mailbox or watering your plants, etc. Having someone stop by at your place once in every few days will definitely change the picture that your house is empty.

By being smart and following a few tips, you can reduce the risk of your house being entered upon in your absence. This way, you can enjoy your holiday in peace without having to constantly worry about your belongings.


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