7 Annoying Habits Delhiites Must Give Up Now


Delhi is the capital city of India. In the past few decades, it has earned a reputation of an advanced metropolitan city. From Metro trains to sky-scraping buildings, glimmering malls, excellent job opportunities, and high-end brands, Delhi has become the centre of attraction for a number of people across the nation. However, there’s definitely something that needs to be changed about the people in Delhi. A good segment of population needs to adopt some changes in their behaviour.

Here is a list of 7 annoying habits Delhhites must give up now:

  1. The Habit of Asking ‘Mera Baap Kaun Hai’

In Delhi it’s quite important to know who your Dad precisely is. Since when? Well, nobody knows. However, this phrase is often hurled by people in Delhi with Sedans, expensive bikes, after breaking speed limits and crossing red lights, not wearing helmets, drinking and driving, and even in discos, pubs, malls, even metros. This is definitely one of the most detesting habit Dilliwallas must abandon now!

  1. Funny Loud Ringtones

Phone ethics is something Delhiites need to learn. Whether you are relishing golgappas at the rehriwala, inside a movie theatre, a private meeting, graveyard, or a government office, the noisier the place, louder the ringtone! Imagine you are trying to focus on golgappas and a loud threatening ringtone disturbs you. Inside a graveyard, people don’t mind ringing of phones even if they have the weirdest of tones set. Something like – ‘aaja nachle, aaja nachle’!! Quite dangerous for a graveyard! So right from ‘tu ghanti Big Ben di poora London thumakda’ to ‘aunty police bulalegi’, ‘Sheela ki jawani’, and noisy bhangra beats, Delhiites will make it a point to have the latest one set on their phones!

  1. Brand Mania

We all love big brands. There is nothing wrong about it. However, our beloved Delhiites are known for their habit of flashing and showing off brands better than the companies endorsing them. Right from a pair of Levis to glasses by Gucci, Swarovski studded handbags, the cars, Jimmy Choos, belts by Hermes, handbags by Louis Vuitton, and even underwear peeping outside the pants eager to reveal its identity, brands rule. Delhiites make for the best advertisers for these brands.

  1. The Parking Space Battle

This is one of the biggest battles of Delhiites. You can see at least one fight occurring in the public or private parking space, even at non-parking or unauthorised space. It starts from ‘my space’ to ‘scratch’, ‘dent’, and go on to abusing aloud, and finally physical tiffs. In many unfortunate cases, it takes shape of a road rage. The anger, stress, etc. are out on road. This is definitely a habit that demands serious taming and control.

  1. I Know It!

Don’t know the route to a place? Simply rely on a map or a GPS app than enquiring about it on road. In Delhi people simply don’t say NO. They will guide you wrong rather than admitting their lack of knowledge about a route. Is that a big deal really?

Trash It NOT in the BIN!!

Right from the creative design on the wall created by paan spits, empty packets of chips, cigarette stubs, tissue papers, and even Indian Flags (post Independence Day), everything is on road, parks, and public areas. Disgusting!

Road Ethics

Not wearing helmets, breaking speed limits, crossing red lights, installing funny loud sounds for bike horns, and indulging in drunk driving are some of the dangerous habits Delhiites must give up as soon as possible.


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