7 Best Places To Celebrate Christmas In India

christmas in india

India is one country where people of all caste, creed, color and religion live. In India, a number of festivals are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show. Andone of these festivals is Christmas. Christmas is the biggest festival of Christens. On this day lord, Jesus was born. This festival passes the message of love, forgiveness and joy. We shall now discuss as to which are the best seven places in India where one can celebrate Christmas.

christmas in goa

  1. Goa

Goa is one place, whichis considered as the implication of celebrations. AndChristmas is one festival which is celebrated in a grand way. Most of the people of Goa are Roman Catholics and in the past, it had a rich legacy of Portugal. Thus, Christmas is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Around Christmas, the city is adorned with Poinsettia flowers and lights.

  1. Puducherry

The city Puducherryis influenced by the French culture thus giving an obvious reason for a wonderful Christmas celebration. Around the Christmas time, the city is lightened up with bright lights giving you energy and a happy feel of the festival. There are a number of churches where this festival is celebrated like Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges etc.

  1. Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful place and the major attractions of this place are the beautiful churches that were built here long ago.At the time of Christmas, all these churches are well decorated and the celebration go on in full swing. The celebration is ongoing throughout the night in these churches. Apart from the churches, there is brilliant celebration at other places like the hotels and restaurants. They offer Christmas special preparations with good discount. The happy beaches, like the Kerala backwaters, will also look like they are wishing you during this happy time.

christmas in india

  1. Mumbai

The busy city of Mumbai also grabs some time during Christmas and is all charged up for the celebration. Food, as we all know adds a different life to all festivals so the bakeries of this city offer a lavish spread of different kind of food items. The huge shopping malls are also very well decorated.

  1. Daman and Dui

Daman and Dui is located on the off coast of Gujarat. This city is quiet and peaceful around the year, but during the Christmas time, the city gets charged for some real good celebration. You can enjoy cultural shows and regional Portuguese dance form,like the Corrindinho.

  1. Kolkata

During the Christmas season, you will get to see a lot celebration in every corner of the city. The bakeries get ready to serve you some temptingand tastyfruitcakes and pastries. There is a street by the name of Park Street, which is decorated to give you the feel of this festival.

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  1. Manali

Manali is a beautiful hill station and during the Christmasseason, it gets snow covered to give you the real Christmas feel. The streets are well decorated and you can also enjoy nice carol singing in the churches of this city.


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