7 Cool Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just about to arrive. Regardless of what you feel about this festival, it is definitely not something to ignore. So whether you are celebrating it for the first time or as a customary ritual, here are 7 cool ideas to enjoy this day of love:

  1. Custom CD

This definitely makes for an exciting idea for celebrating the beautiful day of love and romance. Make sure, you include some of the best nostalgic love songs depicting your feelings in it. You may also include the most favourite love songs of your partner. Download your partner’s favourite love songs and burn the album to a CD. Don’t forget to create a custom cover. This may include a beautiful title and a lovey dovey picture of you two.

  1. Picture Collage

Plan for a huge collage (as big as you can) and surprise your partner. You may beautifully gift wrap it and or decorate the centre wall of your personal room. This makes for a very romantic celebration option.

  1. Spa Together

Book a pampering spa session for you as a couple. This can include a lavish massage session combined with relaxing sauna, wraps, and other beauty treatments. This will help you enjoy a super relaxing session together.

  1. Back to Back Movies

Plan for a movie marathon. Here, you can pick up some cool romantic movies (latest or classic) and plan to watch it through the day. Try having popcorn breaks and order nice food from your favourite restaurant. So it is just about sitting together and spending quality time with each other.

  1. String of Romantic Emails

This is a super cool idea to make your Valentine’s Day romantic and super special. The idea is fairly simple. You just need to string together all of the romantic emails you two have shared over time. This can be bound in a book.

  1. Visit an Orphanage

This will help you do something for the needy. So visit an orphanage near you and donate some necessary things for the kids combined with some heart shaped candies. This is a cool idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It will bring smile on poor children’s face and make them happy. This can also be an integral part of your charity!

  1. Do Something Challenging

If you have not done something new or challenging for a long time, choose this day to start off with the mission. You simply choose something new that excites you and inspires you to spend time from your busy schedule. For instance, you can plan to travel to a different country. Another idea is to indulge in adventure activities such as paragliding, weight loss, scoop diving, trekking, bungee jumping, riding a boat, parasailing, etc. Learning a new language, cooking, music, dance, developing a new skill, and many more will help you make the day memorable and exciting. It is all about choosing something that excites you enough.


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