7 Creative Ways to Propose a Girl From Your Childhood

propose a girl for marriage

If you want to propose your childhood friend then don’t think too much. First of all you should be sure that is she single or ready to be with you. “But how?” a voice comes from the depth of your heart then I will tell you a very simple solution. You just ask her for a date if she also likes you and says yes for the date that means she is single, isn’t simple.

I have seen many people who get very confused to propose the childhood friend but many of few knows that girl’s biggest dream is her perfect proposal. Most of the girls don’t want an ordinary proposal so try to do some creative and romantic. Here I am to give you some creative ideas for proposing the childhood friend.

1.       The t-shirt proposal:

This is very simple but unique idea to propose a girl. Get a plain white round neck t-shirt printed with the name of your partner with I love you. I have even better idea for you that is wear your printed t-shirt in your shirt or jacket. Try to catch her alone and reveal your feeling in front of her with a smile.

2.       The YouTube proposal:

Make a video of proposal and post it on the YouTube. Now send a very serious and genuine mail to her, attached with the link of the video. Try to make it as genuine or real as it contains some important message or information. If the message of the video will be creative and effective then you just can’t imagine the reaction of her after watching that video.

3.       The alarm proposal:

If you want a mid-night proposal then get your hands on her cell phone. Set an alarm of 2am or late that is sometime when she’s sure to be sleep, which contains a message of your feelings. I am sure after reading that message she can’t sleep that night.

4.       The key proposal:

If she loves surprises then this one is surely effective. Send a key of her house by courier without any explanation. After some day you send a note saying “Did you receive the key”? Then wait for some day and again send a note saying “The key you received is the key of my heart which I gave it to you.” If she really loves you then I bet that she will be in tears.

5.       The “meal in a box” proposal:

This is very unique proposal if you and your friend woks together or in the same college then take her to the canteen or cafeteria. The next time when she orders something she’ll receive a paper on the plate saying “Today you have just (Your name)’s love for a meal instead of the thing she ordered.

6.       The maze proposal:

This needs a mutual friend of both. Send a friend to her that prof. xyz/ boss is calling her. Make sure that you are doing this in lunch time otherwise you will have to pay for this. Now stick an arrow on the wall so that she notices it. Put many arrows one after another to lead her empty room or place. Put a cardboard that saying “You have reached (your name)’s heart”.  Apart from this you can put your own creative line too.

7.       The picture-perfect proposal:

Get a photo of her and combine it with yours with the use of Photoshop or any other image editing tool to show that you both are one. Send this to her by written a romantic line on it with a friend or anyone. Put the sender name “GOD” on envelop which is the indication that God want us to be together.

Now go ahead don’t be afraid, after all she is your childhood friend and somehow she also likes you. Put the best idea suites with you and use it, don’t think too much just do it.


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