7 Highest Paid Animal Actors

crystal monkey actor

People all over the world are curious about celebrities, their lifestyles, finances etc. While these stars live a lavish life, their finances and price they are paid is an issue of curiosity among the common people. Just like celebrities, animal actors are also a subject of craze among people. Guess what you will be stunned by what these tiny tots earn as celebrities for their roles. Here is a list of 7 highest paid animal actors:

1.       Rin Tin Tin:

rin tin tin animal actor

He was the American legend, a dog that worked in many Hollywood movies and charmed people by his fabulous acting in 1930’s. He earned $6,000 per week. He had saved the drowning empire of the Warner Bros brothers by acting in their films during their bankruptcy period.   He was also nominated for the Best Actor at the Academy Awards, but the Academy didn’t award him because he was a dog.

2.       Crystal Monkey:

crystal monkey actor

Another animal actor who has won hearts of many is the Crystal Monkey who is known for its notorious role in Hangover 2 and Night at the Museum. She earned $12,000 per episode for his role in Animal Practice which summed up to $2, 64,000 per season. She earned so much money that her owner had to appoint a financial planner.  Crystal Monkey is the highest paid animal actor till now.

3.       Pal – the Collie:

pal the colie actor

This dog played the role of Lassie, the famous TV show dog character that was loved by all. This dog earned $4,000 per week which sums up to $51,000 in 2014. He was the most financially stable dog who lived a splendid lavish and long life of 18 years. He remains in the memory of people even today for his roles.

4.       Bart – the 6 million dollar bear:

bart the bear

This huge and famous bear from Alaska is one of the most famous and loved bear who appeared in many movies and television serials. Bart was paid a huge sum of $1 million dollar for his roles. He also received about $6 million dollars in the form of his wages. Bart earned so much that his owner had to appoint a good financial planner to take care of so much money and ensure that Bart lives a lavishing life.

5.       Keiko:

keiko whale

Keiko was the star of the Free Willy movies. The role played by this animal actor as the killer whale is cherished as an iconic character and made the movies as well as their owner extremely rich. He received a huge amount of $36 million dollars for his movie. He didn’t need any financially advisor but his greatest gift was that he was released back into the wild life in 2002.

6.       Moose – The Jack Russell:

moose the jack russel

This is a famous dog that played the role of Eddie in the television soap Frasier. He earned a surplus amount of $10,000 dollars for each episode. He passed away in 2006 at the age of 15. His son Enzo took over his role later in the serial.

7.       Terry – The Terrier:

terry the terrier

Terry worked in the famous Wizards of the Oak. She also is known for her roles in Shirley temple appearance, Tortilla Flat etc. But her role in the Wizards of the oak won hearts of many.


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