7 Hollywood Movies you can’t Afford to Miss in 2016

independence day 2016

Check out list of 7 Hollywood movies you can’t afford to miss in 2016. There are 7 Hollywood upcoming movies you can’t miss.

deadpool movie image


In theatres February 12, 2016

The film explores the depths of insanity in Deadpool, the mercenary mutant who lost his sanity as a result of Weapon X program gaining healing factor from wolverine and teleportation from other mutants. While entertaining audiences Ryan Renoldswill be cracking a number Green Lantern jokes.

independence day 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence

In theatres March 18, 2016

After 20 years, director Roland Emmerich brings a sequel to aliens invasiongenre changing filmIndependenceDay. The events in the film are set in 20 years future from the original 1996 film.  Humans stopped the alien invasion only to realise that the unfriendly visitors had sent a distress call to their home for reinforcement. The humans knew this and have prepared themselves ever since using the technology salvaged from aliens wreckage.

captain america civil war releae

Captain America : Civil War

In theatres May 6, 2016

The first avenger leads a team of newly recruited avengers to fight the injustice one more time. The films picks where Avengers: Age of Ultron left. The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist also accompanies the avengers.The film probably assembles biggest cast in Marvel Cinematic Universe so far.The film will feature Tom Holland as SPIDERMAN. The film will also includes Ant-Man, Vision, Wanda Maximoff and Falcon in addition to original avengersinclusing Black widow and Hawkeye.

star trek beyond 2016

Star Trek: Beyond

In theatres Jul 8, 2016

Sequel to 2013 film Star Trek: Into Darkness has a release date in 2016 with more of Space: The final frontier. The franchise finally reaches the maturity level for which the fans have loved it for nearly 40 years.

bourne 5 2016

Bourne 5

In theatres Jul 29, 2016

One of the most popular action thriller spy film franchise returns with orignal character Jason Bourne played by Matt Damon. The plot is not known at the time of writing, but film could be either a prequel to bourne’s life before the events of Bourne Identity or it could pick where Bourne Legacy leaves. The formal is likely to happen as Jeremy Renner is probably not a part of this film.

inferno 2016


In theatres oct 21, 2016

Tom Hanks returns as Robert Langdon for the first time after blockbuster Angels and Demons in film adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel of the same names. Previously Hanks appeared as Langdon in Da Vinci Code. The good news for Indian viewers is that Irrfan Khan is going to be present in the movie as well.

star wars rogue one 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One

In theatres Dec 16, 2016

Disneyfulfilled fan’s wishes when they announced a STAR WARS anthology. The fans were thrilled to find the anthology picks where last of prequel trilogy ends and first of original trilogy starts. I know the title says 7 films but there is one more film without which this article couldn’t be completed.

The Greatest Showman On Earth 2016

The Greatest Showman On Earth

In theatres December 25, 2016

Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathway team up for another musical. This time the Les Miserables stars will couple together in biopic of the character whom Hugh jackman is playing. The wolverine fame star will portray P.T. Burnam creator of ‘The Three Ring Circus’.

This is the only film in this list which is not a part of blockbuster franchise or a srquel to genre changing film.


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