7 Problems Faced by The Guys in Love Marriage

love marriage problems

Love is the incredible feeling which will give you meaning of unconditional thoughts about life. As India marriage is also like a festival which is celebrated in full tradition style. As we know that there are two kinds of marriages are taking place in India- Love marriage and arranged. As per as the youth is turning to the love marriage more but if parents is involved in it then it is called love – arrange marriage. But who has done it without the permission of their parents they are facing a lot problems in life. Mostly guys are facing problems in love marriage. So let’s see what are the problems faced by guys in love marriage.

1. Money matters:

Money is the primary and essential part of anyone. Guys who did love marriage have faced so much problems regarding money. As per as the parents expectation he has to earn well to serve her daughter and to full fill the needs and expectations of her too. Apart from this guys have to maintain the monthly budget as monthly bills, ration and many other things by him only.

2. Caste:

It is most common problem in India that is about the Caste. As India has many caste in each religion so parents don’t allow to marriage with interacts girl. So if you love a girl of your caste then you are pretty lucky as well as you have to do hard work to involve in your marriage. Mostly people in India believe in the caste problems and don’t allow to their children to do an inter caste marriage.

3. Separation:

As per as the love marriage concerned separation will be done definitely. If you have done a love- arranges marriage with same caste girl then you don’t need to worry about it. Most of the time, guys have to be separate with their lovable ones as well as parents too. As love marriage in India is like the disaster for many families but guys have to suffer it.

4. Family distraction:

Mostly Family don’t support love marriages so if guy want to do the love marriage then no family member support him. They will distract him from the family and will never want to see him further as he wants to do a sin that has to be punished as hang till death. Family distraction in love marriage is major problem for guys who want to do love marriage cause they can’t live without family.

5. Society problems:

In India we people are connected to the people around us that are called Society. If a guy wants to the love marriage then that will be against the society and that will also be punished. There are many rules and regulations of the society which they want to follow by everyone in the society. Love marriage is totally against from the society.

6. Complaints:

Although you do it or not but neither other people nor your wife will step back to complaint. After the love marriage other people always criticize you and do complaint almost for everything and moreover wife has also long list of complaint regarding love, care, and many other little things.

7. Physical interaction:

This is very crucial problem is faced by a guy in love marriage. After the marriage a girl always want to involve in physical with her husband but guys have less interest to get physical. As guys have lots of other responsibilities too so they don’t feel so much active and passionate to get physical at all the time.

Mostly guys are facing these common problems in love marriage but they have to maintain the love and overcome from it.


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