7 Regular Foods That Can Help You To Loose Weight

hummus for diet

Being overweight is one of the most common problem of several people. Not only do one looks unattractive while being fat, but it may also harm your body in several weight. Doctors always advise that it is not healthy for a person to remain overweight for a long period of time, as it makes the body vulnerable to many diseases.

Avoiding Unnatural Methods

Because of this, several people seek to lose their weight by going to gym, eating pills to reduce weight etc. However, the above-mentioned ways are not natural, and by adopting unnatural methods to lose weight, some other deformity may happen in your body. It is the best to avoid this, and find better alternative to these problems.

Adopting Healthy Diet

Several people and experts advice that in order to lose weight, it is the best to adopt a healthy diet, which can help you decrease your weight. Controlling your hunger in an unconditionally way can harm your body, this is why one should eat food, which will naturally help you reduce your food cravings. A healthy diet should contain green vegetables, and food, which has low amount of fats and cholesterol. Eat food with more protein and fibre, and food, which can increase your metabolism rate. Many people go on a diet in order to lose weight, however, this is not at all suggested, and it is best advised to never do this. 7 food items are listed below, which can help you to lose weight by eating them on a daily basis.

hummus for diet

The Hummus is packed with protein and satiating fiber. Moreover, a study proves that people who eat this chickpea have eight percent small than the people who do not.


The antioxidants found in dark chocolate helps to increase your metabolism rate, which in turn burns off yours fat faster. However, a person should not take an excessive amount of chocolate.

oat bran for health
Oat Bran

Eating Oat Bran can help you control your hunger by a great degree. Just like with Hummus, Oat Bran contains fiber, which plays a major role in losing weight.

tea for health

The caffeine and catechins found in tea helps out the body to oxidize fat much faster, according to a study.


Just like with Hummus and Oat Bran, Prunes also contains fiber in it. A study shows that people who eat Prunes loss more weight than the people who do not eat prunes.


Avocado consist of rich fiber, healthy fats and potassium, which can help your control your hunger, and make you skip that extra food you eat in between meals.

peanut butter
Peanuts or Peanut Butter

By eating a handful of either of the two things, you can amazingly control your carvings. It has been proved that by eating these, your hormone petide YY level increase, which in turn gives you a full stomach feeling.

By eating the above-mentioned food on a daily basis, losing weight will not be a problem anymore. Moreover, as there is nothing unnatural in doing so, you will always be healthy and out of any health risks.


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