9 Reasons When Boys Try To Break Up With Girls

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Dear girls, this article is solely dedicated to you if you are in a relationship and you are noticing a change of behavior in your boyfriend. Here, you will find the top nine reasons that influence your boyfriend to end the relationship and move on with his life. Although the excuse might differ as per their creativity but the reasons are always somewhat the same. Read it out and then look out for some loopholes that you need to mend.

  1. Not listening to your man:

it is normal for a person to feel irritated if the other one does not listens to him when he is speaking or keeps on cutting him repeatedly. However, when the situation keeps on happening again and again, this provides enough reason to get the situations out of control. Even if you feel that what he is saying is incorrect, let him complete his statement before commenting on it.

  1. Involving you friends on all the matters:

A relationship is between two persons and should stay like this only. If you keep on involving your family or friends into every argument, this would make him feel the privacy being hindered. You would obviously not like telling your arguments to his friends so why other way round.

clingy girlfriend


  1. Clinginess:

 If you expect him to take you at every place wherever he goes to, then sorry my friend, this would just act as a repellent. Do not force him or even ask him to take you at single place. Let him enjoy his time with his friends for a while.

  1. Suspicion and Questioning all the time:

 He does not ask you every single time about you whereabouts and whom you are with. So, the same is expected from you. You must not act like a mother to him. Let him have his space and that is it. Excessive questioning would make him doubt about you two.

boys break up with girls

  1. Be somewhat dependant:

Although it might sound shallow but you must always depend on your man a bit, even for just petty things. There is a very famous ‘male ego’ that works in all the men and it needs to be fed now and then.

  1. Be there for him as well as yourselves:

Men do not expect women to come running to them in all the stuff. However, this point might seem contradicting with the one above but there is a difference between two. Little dependence is okay but you ought not to act like a little baby and cringe like one every time.

  1. Living in past:

 What is done is done and what cannot be changed now must not be talked of. If the made a mistake in the past, do not keep bringing that up in every conversation. If you have forgiven him, have the guts to keep it aside for the future.

  1. Comparisons:

Just like girls, men also do not like being compared to the other guys. If you keep on comparing him to your friend’s boyfriend and what he does for her, things are really going to get worse.

boys breaking up with girls

  1. Nagging:

This is something that you MUST avoid. If you will keep on nagging in each thing and act like a spoiled child, initially he would find it cute but after some time, he would make up his mind and would go away from you.

Keep these points in mind and you will be in his heart.


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