9 Things of Men that Women Love

men that women love

What women want? What makes them happy? How to impress them? Are there any sure shot methods to bring smile on their face? Well, these are some of the questions that have remained unanswered for long.

Now this doesn’t mean men should lose all hope. There are a number of things women like about men. Never knew about this? Here is a list of 9 things women really appreciate about men:

  1. Great Cooks

Although men don’t cook on a routine, they make the most dedicated and winning cooks whenever they are in a mood to explore their cooking skill. No wonder most of the successful chefs across the globe are men.

  1. The Initiative

Men are known for taking good initiatives for a number of things. Right from setting up a date, planning for holidays, finance, dinners, surprise gifts, first kiss, and intimate moments, leadership and quality to initiate some of the most important things impress women.

  1. Love Thy Scent

The innate smell of a man, smell of their body wash, and masculine aftershave, women love a man’s scent. The subtly spritzed on musky fragrance is enough to make them want to embrace in.

  1. Strength – Both Mental and Physical

Women are in awe of the Herculean strength most women hold within combined with the intelligence they possess to ensure a secure, happy life to their partners.

  1. Listeners!

Men deserve Nobel Prize for this one. Superb listening quality without uttering a word or complaining is something women appreciate in men. While driving a car, relishing food at a favourite restaurant, watching TV, or doing just about anything, their ears are open to our talks always!

  1. Hell! They Still Look Good!

Women are simply jealous about men looking super cool with no major efforts to fix up those wrinkles, lines, and grey hair! A simple bath, after shave, clothes, and they are all set!

  1. Protective Side

Men being protective to women without getting possessive melt a woman’s heart. The deep assurance of being protected always and from all is something women love about their men.

  1. Secret Side

Women simply love the secret sensitive side of men. Tears and sentiments make feel women really special (an Oscar winning feeling it is). Tears are also a sign of tremendous intimacy. Men letting down their guards are a sign that they care a lot.

  1. Well Dressed Personality

Well, not necessarily a fop, women adore men who dress up well for different occasions appropriately. Poorly dressed men are a total turn off.

Women love a lot of things about men. It is just that men often fail to notice these. So if you have been looking for ways to impress your women, pick up from the above mentioned qualities already present in you and highlight them. Good luck!


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