9 Things that Prove You are Selfie Addicted

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Selfies have emerged as a cultural event with both celebrities as well as common people. Righ from Hollywood movie stars to rock stars, and next door neighbour, the selfie fever has caught everyone. A lot of people are caught taking self-potraits at strange places and even in their sleep. This may sound funny but psychologists have declared excess selfie taking as the dark side of hobby and demands professional attention. So have you been taking too much selfies? Are you addicted? Here are 9 signs showing you are a true blue selfie addict:

  1. Profile Pictures a Selfie

If your profile pictures are mostly selfies, then it signals addiction. So try finding out a picture for your display profile other than a selfie. If you can’t, then there is a problem. Reach out for help.

  1. A Selfie Here a Selfie There a Selfie Everywhere

When it comes to clicking selfies, location isn’t a problem for you. Right from a cinema hall to the bathroom, car, canteen, road, traffic signal, or school, you can take a selfie abywhere and anywhere. This calls for help.

  1. You Post Selfies…A LOT

Posting a lot on social media is not a problem. However, posing mostly or only selfies is! Many men and women have over ten thousand posts on Instagram which is more than crazy. In fact, some newbies have shot up to this number. This is more than just addiction!

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  1. Selfie with You, Him, Her, It, Them, and all!

Well, if you have taken a selfie with every person around you and each imaginable thing, it is addiction. So right from your favourite ice cream to the neighbour’s pet, your cousin’s fish tank, strangers, a tikki stall, the new pillow, mirror, newspaper, and the faucet, if you love taking selfies with everything, seek help as soon as possible.

  1. The Hospital Selfie!!!

Is it really a place to take selfie? Well, if you have been taking selfies on your hospital bed, with the glucose drip, the nurse, and the tubes, you are bitten by the selfie bug.

  1. Selfie Song

Is the #SELFIE song the most you relate yourself to? Do you feel you have lived the lyrics? Do you love watching the video over and over again? You are addicted to taking selfie.

  1. Taking One Right Now!

If you are taking a selfie now, then you are definitely suffering from the selfie addiction.

  1. Selfies Galore in Phone Gallery

If your sole motivation to use smartphone is for clicking selfies more than sending messages or receiving / making calls, it is time to get professional help. also if the picture gallery displays selfies and the memory suffers due to these images, it is time to limit those clicks.

  1. Vacation for Pictures

This is quite amusing. In case, you have been choosing vacation destination plans based picture clicking opportunities, you have turned into a true blue selfie addict.


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