A Guide to a Career Ladder for Teachers

The world of employment has impacted nearly every type of career. This includes doctors, lawyers, educators and IT career professionals. For teachers, teacher professional development is already in a stage of evolution. Consider what else teaching certificates can provide to avoid a career in education from becoming static or falling behind future career opportunities.

Look Beyond the Education Degree
When an aspiring educator receives an education degree, this is the point at which a well crafted, upwardly mobile career plan should be mapped out. Many times, recruiting consultants see opportunities for educators who are seeking more diversity or variety in their careers. An education degree has value beyond the classroom if educators take the time to study their options. All teachers possess the ability to teach training over a broad range of non-educational subjects.

It is a matter of teachers asking the crucial question, “Where do I go from the classroom?” long before they begin to feel the first signs of career burn out. Look beyond the education degree to the levels of experience gained by keeping a track record of the kinds of experiences that fall outside of teaching curriculum. When plotting the career ladder, define the salary and benefit compensation that is most acceptable over various career phases.

Teacher Professional Development
Certainly, teachers with longevity can teach training for the educational sector. However, teachers also need to think “outside the box,” and seek out teacher professional development from sources outside the education domain. For example, many highly skilled educators become excellent as Human Resources consultants. Other opportunities abound for educators with financial experience or other specialty teacher training experience. Educators can also consider positions as transitional career advisors to individuals who need to know how to make a change from social work to non profit organization management.

Teaching Certificates in Non Teaching Jobs
Employers across the board require proof of experience and training in specific fields. For example, teachers with proven track records of success and teaching certificates may wish to consider work in specialized fields inherent to their subject knowledge. English teachers may consider a career in publishing or tech writing. Math teachers are always in demand in IT, engineering and manufacturing.

Study companies who hire highly skilled educators to discover where your next career move should be.

When It is Time for a Career Move
When it is time for a lateral or upward career move, one of the best options is professional development resources. What you don’t know can always be supplemented by professional development programs that help teachers make the best career move. Local colleges welcome teachers with innovative teaching ideas. Become an adjunct who can teach training in innovative teaching methods. Visit the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Education website to learn more, because they may be able to provide you with the information that you need.

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