Arjun Kapoor Diet Plan From Fat to Fab


Arjun Kapoor is one of the most talented actors in the Bollywood. He has become now the heartthrob of millions.  It is not hidden that a few years ago, Arjun was quite heavy around 135 kg before becoming an actor. When he got his first film named “Ishaqzaade”, he decided to get in shape for the role.

He adopted very hard work under the guidance of Physique Elite trainer Kyle Arthur to lose his weight. Kyle has developed a program called RAW28 that was used to shape the new sexy Arjun as he is today. The RAW 28 was designed in manner to build lean muscle tissue, lose fat, and gain strength. Arjun’s diet was divided into proteins, carbs, and fats etc.

Salman Khan was the inspiration and mentor of him for weight loss program. Arjun started by doing some warm up exercise during his weight loss program. Apart from that Cardio exercises, circuit training and weight training are the part of his workout routine.

He did high intensity cross fit workout regime for 20 minutes every day. Arjun’s workout includes bench press, squats, pull-ups, deadlifts etc.

If you want to look like Arjun then you have to follow this typical day’s diet:

  • Breakfast:

Egg omelet with blueberries, oats with water

  • Mid-Morning:

Brown rice, chicken breast, broccoli

  • Lunch:

Asparagus, turkey breast, quinoa

  • Mid-Afternoon:

Spinach, mixed peppers, chicken breast

  • Evening Meal:

Spinach, lean steak, peppers & mushrooms

  • Before Bed:

6 egg white omelet

Healthy Recommendation for Arjun Kapoor’s fans:

As we know that workout is the natural process to give shape to the body. A healthy workout amplifies the number of muscles in the body. Your workout should have strength training, cardio workouts, and stretching exercises.

As Stretching exercises enhances the stability and blood circulation and Strength training enhances the number of lean muscles and cardio workouts prompt your body to torch pounds so these are the must for your body.

So start working out and shape your body with the regular diet plan, and you will be able to expose your well-shaped body with six pack abs soon. But be sure that you are doing this stuff under the guidance of experts or trainers. So be smart and stay fit!


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