Benefits of Having a Fat Girl Friend

benefits of fat girlfriend

A fat girl isn’t precisely what a lot of men dream of dating. Well, this may sound really cruel but any guy will admit his fantasy to date a girl who looks like a celebrity or model. Interestingly, those who have actually had a chubby girlfriend know the benefit of dating a fat girl. Giving it a shot will make you realise that a fat girlfriend is more fun to hang around with.

Listed below are some wonderful benefits of dating a fat girl:

Superb Cuddlers

Yes, this is true. According, some scientific studies, curvy girls have softer skin as compared to their skinnier counterparts. Additionally, curvy figures are rightly balanced for cuddling, caressing, hugging, and a lot more.

Creative in Kitchen

Curvy girls know their way to kitchen. They are very creative in kitchen. Chubby girls love eating, cooking food, and serving others.

Will Not be Stolen

Your fat girl will not be picked up by any guy. Since most guys prefer dating girls with model type figure and there is no fear of your curvy treasure being stolen from you.

Great in Bed

A pair of skeletons on bed will make more noise than fun. Unless you wish to make love to a pack of bones, curvy girl should be your choice. After all, real men like curves, only dogs go for bones. Real women got to have some flesh on them. Research has revealed that guys enjoy more with fat girls in bed. Men simply adore the overall feeling of holding and caressing a voluptuous woman in their arms. Skinny girls don’t excite them inside the bedroom.

Laugh Aloud

This is a fact. Fat girls love to laugh. They have a great sense of humour. Most curvy beauties also know how to appreciate the sense of humour in others. They will laugh with you and at your jokes.

No Inferiority Complex

You don’t live under constant fear of matching up to your girlfriend’s model like look everywhere you take her. Having a super fit girlfriend means you need to work really hard to maintain yourself. The curvy girl will be happy to have pizzas with you without giving you any competition.

Food Lovers

Curvy girls are food lovers and open for trying out all types of food. They are experimental unlike their skinny counterparts. So if you are a food lover and wish to try out everything, dating a fat girl can be beneficial. Trying out different foods with her will be fun. You can hang out at new restaurants; attend food festivals, and much more.

Great to Talk To

Fat girls love to talk. They can talk about anything under the sun. Well, this may be because they focus more on polishing their brains than looks. They are smart to engage in varied topics and use their brains. They also keep themselves updated on the latest news and events. So if you are looking for an intelligent partner who can talk to you on various topics, a curvy girlfriend make for the best choice.


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