Best Diet Plan to lose weight in 7 days

weight loss in 7 days

Every person desires to be fit nowadays. However, remaining slim is not that easy. You have to work a lot to achieve the objective of staying fit and healthy. Most people resort to avoiding food most of the times, thinking that it would help them to lose weight. Nevertheless, they fail to realize the fact that this technique is not at all healthy for the body of the individuals. Losing weight is not impossible; all you need is determination and right technique to do so. In case you follow the correct technique and follow the right lifestyle, you can shed pounds in even in a week. Its true that you can lose weight in 7 days naturally with home remedies. Following the vegetarian diet can help you lose weight in a very less time.

Advantages of following a Vegetarian Diet:

Following a vegetarian diet can help you lose a lot of weight. If you follow the correct techniques, you will be able to lose weight in just 7 days.

• You can get a natural glow in your skin by following this regime.
• You can burn fats around your waist and eliminate the toxins from your body.
• It can help you lose up to 8 kg in a week.

Day 1:

ON your day 1, you have to compromise with your cravings and eat just fruits in the whole day. There is no restriction on what kind of fruits you must eat. Eat as much as you want but resort to just fruits.

fruit for weight loss

Day 2:

The day 2 will be your veggies day. On this day, you can eat only vegetables, now it is up to you whether to eat raw or boiled vegetables. You can kick-start your day with a boiled potato with a teaspoonful of homemade butter. You may also add the seasonings to make it worth eating.

vegetables salad for weight loss

Day 3:

you have to combine the food items of day 1and day 2 on your day 3. This day’s diet would be a mix of fruits and vegetables. You may eat them as much as you want but make sure that you do not compromise with the water intake.

fruits and vegetables for weight loss

Day 4:

eat as much as six bananas and four glasses of milk on day 4 as it would provide your body the enough potassium and sodium. Even a soup made up of garlic, capsicum, onion and tomatoes will be fine.

banana for weight loss

Day 5:

This day is a happy day for your taste buds. You may eat tomatoes, cottage cheese and sprouts in the whole day. In addition, you will have to increase your water intake in the procedure.

tomato salad for weight loss

Day 6:

This day’s diet will be a little different. You can have sprouts, cottage cheese and all the other vegetables except tomatoes. Keep up with the water intake. You may have the vegetables in the form of soups.

sprouts for weight loss

Day 7:

on your day 7, you may have fresh fruit juice, half chapatti, one cup of brown rice and any other vegetable that you want to eat.

Brown rice for weight loss

In the end, you will be able to see significant change in your health and fitness.


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