Best Places to Visit in Bhutan

places to visit in bhutan

Bhutan is a small yet extremely beautiful country. Being the Himalayan kingdom holding a long run reputation for mystery and magic, the last ‘Shangri-La’ on earth, is a region where a conventional Buddhist culture vigilantly clinches global developments. The land of the thunder dragon is home to a huge number of ancient temples and fortresses. The breathtaking natural beauty of this country has always attracted huge number of tourists from all over the world.

Listed below are top 6 places to visit in Bhutan:

  1. Tiger’s Nest Monastery

places to visit in bhutan

The beautiful place securely hangs on a cliff and stands above an enthralling forest comprising of exquisite blue pines and mesmerising rhododendrons. This is an incredibly pulchritudinous monastery existing in the world that one can reach by a simple climb up through the hill (900 meters). Ponies are available for tourists until the cafeteria. Thereafter, one must indulge in a steep walk and some narrow stairs towards the monastery. The track crosses an enchanting chapel of butter lamps. Then one can enter into a waterfall by the Snow Lion Cave. Tourists enjoy a breathtaking view of Paro valley. The place is known for introduction of Buddhism to Bhutan by Guru Rinpoche who arrived here on the back of a tigress!

  1. Thimpu

thinmpu bhutan places

This is the capital of Bhutan and widely renowned for its vibrant weekend market. The place is home for a wide number of museums, quirky shops, and impressive landmarks such as the National Memorial Chorten which was built by His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, the third king of Bhutan. Established as the capital of Bhutan way back in the year 1961, it is popular for being the only capital across the globe sans traffic lights!

  1. Zuri Dzong Hike

places to visit bhutan

If you are looking for an elaborate view of Paro valley, the peak of the Zuri Dzong Trek is the perfect spot. It is the oldest dzong in the country with the presence of a cave where Buddha meditated in, in the 8th century. This peaceful place facilitates Bhutanese and tourists to soak in the serene environment and relax.

  1. Dochu Laa Pass

Dochula Pass bhutan destination

The place is full of fluttering prayer flags and amazingly breathtaking views over the grandiose Himalayas. Here, one can visit the intricately elaborate temple of Drukwangyal Lhakhang. You can also visit other 108 chortens built by Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck,  the Queen Mother. The temple was built to honour the Bhutanese soldiers killed in the year 2003 while fighting off the rebels from India.

  1. Gangtey Valley

bhutan best destination

It is known to be the most stunning valleys in the Himalayas. A lot of people also call it the Shangri La of Bhutan. Referred to as one of the happiest nations on the earth, Butan is privileged to encompass a wide, flat valley sans trees with beautiful Black-necked Cranes moving around.

  1. Tashicho Dzong

Tashichho Dzong bhutan

This is also referred to as the ‘fortress of glorious religion’. Originally built in the year 1641, the place is presently used as the seat of the Royal Bhutanese Government. It is beautifully located in stunning gardens and referred to as the summer residence of the central monastic body.


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