Give Yourself Enough Time

7 Tips For Moving in Summers By Edmonton Movers

Moving is exciting and stressful at the same time. Waiting until the last minute will only add to the stress. Ideally, you should plan a month ahead and expect a few weeks to pack and clean. It’s best to know what to expect and how to handle it. Here are seven tips to help you avoid any last minute hiccups.

1. Expect And Accept Stress

moving boxes
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Stress is a normal part of the moving process and overcoming it begins with acceptance. In doing so, you are less likely to let stress set you back during the course of your move. Stress is a natural human response to demanding situations and can be worked through. Acknowledge it when it happens, but don’t let it interfere with the tasks at hand.

2. Give Yourself Enough Time

Give Yourself Enough Time

Your move will be a whole lot easier if you give yourself enough time. If you live in a one bedroom apartment or studio, you’ll need at least two days to pack. Two or three bedroom homes will need five to six days. You need to give yourself enough time to clean, research moving companies if necessary, reserving rental trucks, and setting up utility services in your new place.

3. Start Small

Start Small

Begin your moving process by tackling the small things first. Most people are so overwhelmed with moving that they don’t know where to start. You should start by packing up a single drawer. If you’ve allowed yourself ample time to pack, focus on getting things done piece by piece.

4. Stay Organized

Stay Organized

Organization is the key to keeping your move less stressful. Make it a priority to ensure fewer headaches and a streamlined move. Create a moving inventory list and a moving timeline. Draw a floor plan of your new home so you know what goes where in advance. Have a garage sale to get rid of old items ASAP. Designate specific areas of your existing home for different purposes. One room can be for things that need to be used before moving day, and another for items to be donated or sold.

5. Hire Professionals

Hire Professionals

If it fits in your budget, professional Edmonton movers will relieve unnecessary stress. Movers can pack and safely wrap up your possessions and transport large items. Whichever moving company you choose, make sure they have a proven reputation for trustworthy service and reliability.

6. Ask For Help

Ask For Help

If you’re feeling stressed and need some extra help, it’s ok to ask family members or friends. An extra set of hands will cut your packing and moving time in half. Make sure you ask for help in advance and reward their support with pizza and beer. Be sure to return the favor when your family or friends need help with their move.

7. Get Plenty Of Rest

Get Plenty Of Rest

Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your move. The less sleep you get, the more likely you will feel overwhelmed the next day. Moving is both physically and mentally challenging. A good night’s rest will help you stay efficient throughout the entire day.

Cobbler selecting key from wall display

How To Find Cheap Locksmith Services Near You?

You know about a hospital close by and a doctor you can call. You know about the local handyman who can fix things for you but do you know who is the closest and cheapest locksmith near you? Chances are you do not because very few people give priority to locksmiths unless it is an emergency.

Then they search frantically for a locksmith and possibly end up being scammed or paying prohibitively. Find a cheap locksmith service closest to you before an emergency arises. Keep his number on your phone. So, how do you go about finding one?

Ask a friend, a colleague or neighbor

Ask a friend, a colleague or neighbor

If you are new to the city then you will not know where to find locksmiths. Ask a local friend, your neighbor and your colleague if they know of a reliable and cheap locksmith. If a locksmith is recommended by them you know it is all right to repose trust in that locksmith when you do need his services.

Yellow pages

Yellow pages

Digital may have led to the demise of printed telephone directories and yellow pages but there are online versions of them now. Then there are other online directories specifically targeting Canada and cities in Canada. Spending some time searching for locksmiths will do you a world of good. You just dial them in an emergency and help arrives fast.

Contact professional locksmith association

Cobbler selecting key from wall display

Along with giving tips on choosing the right locksmith, Dan Shilling, a locksmith by trade stated that a good way to get a reliable and professionally qualified locksmith close to you is to contact the professional locksmith association of your city in Canada.



Google is a good way to start your search for local locksmith. Google should display a map and a list of local locksmiths. Just be sure to enter “locksmiths (city name)” in your search. The search results will also show websites of certified and registered locksmiths serving your city.  It does not end with happily noting their number. Search should be followed by verification. This would include:

Telephone contact to set up a meeting. Their tone of speaking should give you insights.

Visit them in person to check their office, van, credentials and the person. You want a certified and registered locksmith such as locksmith

Get a duplicate key made and note if they maintain records and ask how they treat such records and information.

A personal meeting will give you an idea about their rates. You can ask them rates for home visits and emergency visits in the middle of the night. You want a 24×7 locksmith in your phonebook.

Another search option is local online classifieds like Craigslist and Kijiji.

Check your newspaper listings

Some locksmiths may not have a website or they may not be much interested in digital technologies. They trust the good old local newspaper. Scan your newspaper every day for advertisements by local locksmiths, especially the classifieds.

The problem is that quite a few of such locksmith advertisers in the classified sections could be scam artists so you follow the verification process outlined above to make sure you are picking the right one.

Best Home Locks According To Professional Locksmiths

You can get locks in various designs and functionalities. Indeed, locks have evolved from being just an assemblage of tumbler and key to modern smart locks. Yet, there are locks that are most suitable for homes than others. You can get the know-how of these locks from Locksmith Lockup Services. These locks are more than just mechanical devices.

They are incorporation of digital security and mechanical strength and are better known as smart locks. These smart locks are the most important element of a smart and connected home. These locks allow smooth access to genuine people while barring entry to unscrupulous people. They also monitor each entry and exit when you are away. Some of these models also allow opening and closing doors remotely with the help of your phone.


Some also assign special privileges to certain people whose credentials are incorporated into the device. There are still some which you can activate with your voice. But there are points that you need to consider while getting a smart lock. Moreover, all the locksmiths are not capable of installing and repairing such locks. It needs special training and skill to install and repair such locks.

Many of these locks offer a web-based app which hands over the control to you. You can control the lock from your laptop or even desktop. You can even add permanent as well as temporary users. You can also set access schedules for individuals like on specific days of the week as well as corresponding times of day or night. Professional Locksmith Lockup Services are aware of all these smart locks. Let us go through some of the best home locks that professional locksmith services recommend.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks

Electronic locks consist of keypads where you have to put a pin number to open the lock. People still use these locks, although there are newer models with touchscreen panels. Though the functionality is about the same as electronic locks, these new locks with touch screens incorporate additional security features to outwit burglars. You need an expert locksmith to install and repair such locks.

Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification

The Radio Frequency Identification locks consist of a card or key fob much like a car lock. You don’t even need to remove the key fob from your purse. That saves you some worry as you don’t need to fumble for it in the dark.

Bluetooth-enabled locks

Smart lock
Photo via Flickr/Nuki Smart Lock

The Bluetooth-enabled locks would sense your smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and open the lock automatically as you approach. These locks also incorporate a secondary means of entry. This is useful when your smartphone battery is on the ebb or you have lost your cell phone.

Biometric entry

Biometric identification concept with fingerprints

This is by far the best home lock. It uses biometric credentials for entry such as a fingerprint to open the lock. There are many smartphones or laptops in use now which use such technology. These locks work in the same way. To operate these locks you need to incorporate your fingerprint in the memory of the lock. If there is more than one member that wants access to your home you need to programme fingerprints of each one of them in the device. So you need to program the fingerprint of each of your family members into the lock.

The system will allow only those members inside whose fingerprints are incorporated into the device. Not all locksmiths are capable of installing and repairing such locks. Only updated, knowledgeable and experienced locksmiths are capable of installing and repairing these locks.

how to optimize images for SEO

5 Tips to Improve SEO for Images

Do you realize images are just as important for SEO as text and keywords? Not only do they play a key role in improving user experience, but they can also help you gain an edge over your competition on the SERPs. A user is unlikely to stay on your page if they click through and find nothing but text on a white background. It so happens that user experience is a big part of the Google algorithm and this is why it monitors user behavior. Here are some tips on how to optimize images for SEO.

1.      High Quality and Relevant

High Quality and Relevant
Credit: Pixabay

You don’t want to use an image that is unrelated to the content on the page. This is because it will confuse your visitors and cause them to leave the page thinking it’s not what they were looking for. Using poor quality images, on the other hand, will make your page look unprofessional. Select your images carefully and make a point of using only high-quality images.

2.      Custom Filenames

Custom Filenames
Credit: Pixabay

This is probably the easiest step and many people fail to do it. Rename all your images to something that’s relevant to the target page and include your target keywords. While most visitors won’t see the filename, search engines will gather this information and use it to determine what the page is about.

3.      Alt. Tags

Alt. Tags
Credit: Pixabay

Just like filenames, search engine crawlers also see the alt tags used in images. Add some alt text for every image added to your website. This is what will show up in case your image fails to load giving the user an idea of what the image was about. The text also gives search engines an idea of what the page is all about. This is how to optimize images for SEO.

4.      Quality vs Size

Quality vs Size
Credit: Pixabay

The higher the quality of the image, the bigger it’s size. Using very big images will tend to slow down your site since they can take a while to load. A slow loading site is bad for user experience and SEO by extension. For this reason, you need to strike a balance between image size and quality. You can fiddle with the size of the image by using image processing software or compress the file size using tools such as JPEGmini and TingPNG.

5.      File Type

File Type
Credit: Pixabay

JPG is the most popular image file type used online due to its small file size. It is also widely supported. However, image quality isn’t nearly as good as PNG and does not support transparent backgrounds. The downside with PNG is its larger file sizes. GIF doesn’t support as wide a color range as PNG and JPG but works well for simpler images. Remember that load times and image quality will affect your SEO efforts so make sure to strike the right balance when selecting image file types.

6.      Host the Images on Your Site

image hosting
Credit: Pixabay

It’s tempting to host your images with a 3rd party in a bid to save on space on your website. However, this can be risky. Whenever the 3rd party is overloaded with traffic, your site speed will tend to suffer. Instead of taking this route, you should instead go with a reliable hosting provider to guarantee speed and uptimes that will keep your website running smoothly most of the time. Talk to an SEO Expert at to recommend a reliable hosting provider.

how to choose an SEO company

How to Get the Right SEO Service Provider

Getting the right SEO service provider is one of the most important decisions you might ever have to make for your business. It could mean the difference between success and utter failure. Not everyone in the SEO industry is to be trusted as it’s riddled with charlatans and half-truth merchants. Therefore, you need to be vigilant during your search for an SEO company.  Here are some tips on how to choose an SEO company.

1.     Understand the Basics

Understand the Basics
Credit: Pixabay

Before you start looking for an SEO firm, you first need to invest a bit of time learning the basics of SEO. By understanding the basics, you are better placed to make informed decisions when assessing whether an SEO firm is best qualified to offer the services you need. You will be able to ask the right questions and spot practitioners who overpromise.

2.     Do Not Go for a Company That Promises the Number One Spot

 Do Not Go for a Company That Promises the Number One Spot
Credit: Pixabay

You have definitely come across spam emails from SEO consultants who promise to make your website rank number one on Google. No SEO expert can guarantee the top spot on Google search results. There are numerous factors that determine how a website is ranked. A reputable SEO firm will not promise such results and will instead give you a realistic idea of what results you should expect as well as what can be done to improve the results over time.

3.     Inquire About the Process

Inquire About the Process
Credit: Pixabay

Only start talking to practitioners after you’ve done your research and understood what is required to get your site performing well on the SERPs. Ask the SEO expert about the process they intend to use for your business. A trustworthy professional will talk about factors such as competitor analysis and keyword research. They will also talk about building backlinks and on-site optimization. The professionals at advise against going for SEO consultants who buy links and depend on keyword stuffing in an attempt to game the system.

4.     Learn About Their Reporting

Learn About Their Reporting
Credit: Pixabay

While it may take time for you to see the results you expect with SEO, you also need to work with an SEO firm that has a reporting system that makes it possible for you to track the progress of your SEO strategy. Ask the firm what type of reporting they provide and what parameters they use to measure the success of your process. A good company will offer regular updates on the progress of your SEO project.

5.     Ask About the Results They Have Achieved With Other Clients

Ask About the Results They Have Achieved With Other Clients
Credit: Pixabay

Unlike in other fields such as graphic design or copywriting, it is not possible for SEO professionals to create portfolios on their previous projects and their success.  What an SEO professional can offer is a demonstration of results yielded by their process. They should be able to show changes in rankings and increased traffic. Ask for case studies or client testimonials to know how the precious clients liked working with them.

Select A Mover

7 Helpful Tips For Interstate Moving

Moving, in itself, is a stupendous task to undertake. You need to start with hiring a reliable moving company who will do all the packing and take care of every small thing that you need to do. If you want to pack all the items by yourself it is an even bigger endeavor. But interstate moving has a different dimension altogether. You need to take care of so much that it may seem overwhelming at times. Here are some tips to make your interstate transfer a less pain in the butt.

Planning early

Planning early

Since there are so many different items to pack, it is almost a necessity that you start to plan early. So how much early is adequately early for an interstate transfer! It may augur well to start planning and going ahead with the plan about 3 months early. You can start with things like informing the utilities about your move. You also need to notify the credit card company.

Ensure Knowledge Of State Specific Rules

Ensure Knowledge Of State Specific Rules

Different states have different rules. Be aware of the rules to follow in the new state. There may be different driving rules, different job rules, different housing rules etc. You need to be aware of these rules threadbare otherwise you may be in for some trouble.

Make A List Of Items To Pack And Not To Pack

Make A List Of Items To Pack And Not To Pack

You need to take this decision no matter how much it pains to part with some of your old belongings. In an interstate transfer, you can hardly expect to carry everything you have. You can sacrifice sine of your heavy and large furniture. There is always the opportunity of selling them here and buying similar stuff in your new place. You would hardly lose any monetary value for these items. You may even rent furniture in your new place.

Pack Delicate Items Early

Pack Delicate Items Early

Delicate items are so – delicate and fragile. You would hardly want to hand them over to packers, but packing them is not easy. So start early. Pack those delicate crockeries, glass items and artifacts in sturdy boxes with generous use of packing material.

Buy Some Boxes

Buy Some Boxes

Packers charge a hefty amount for packing boxes. The irony is that you can procure these boxes yourself and that too for free. Even if you don’t get them for free you can get them for wholesale prices. So start looking for sturdy boxes in bookstores, office supply stores etc. You can also get them in places where used boxes are thrown by other movers.

Select A Mover

Select A Mover

Even if you do the packing job yourself, you do need movers Moving company Calgary. There are many of them, but you need a reliable one who has adequate knowledge and experience of interstate moving. So select one by word of mouth reference as well as an internet search for reviews.

If you do need to carry some of your choices furniture, you need to dismantle them early. This is a time taking job. If you think of doing it in the last few days, you may end up damaging some of the units.

Do Not Advertise Your Journey On Social Media

6 Ways You Can Keep Your Home Safe While On A Vacation

How many times have you packed everything for your vacation, kept your bags in the car and then got down again just to tug at the lock and check if it’s locked properly?

Sometimes we leave lights on to create the illusion that there are still people living inside the house to keep burglars away. In today’s world, it is increasingly important to make sure your house is safe and secure and not subject to theft when you’re away.

After all, we’re the generation who grew up watching the Home Alone movies, right? You know what happens when you lock your house and go on a vacation. Burglars pretty much think it’s the best time to attack.

Now, we’re not telling you all this to make you panic. Instead, we’re going to give you 6 tips that can slightly decrease the chances of something unfortunate happening to your house when you’re away.

1. Get A Proper Security System

Get A Proper Security System

A home monitoring system lets you keep an eye on your house even when you’re away. It could be a simple system like a security camera installed near your gates or an alarm system that automatically calls you when it suspects a potential theft incident. Installing a home security system can give you the peace of mind that you need when you’re away. To keep your home secured, visit locksmith and get the best solutions.

2. Take Care Of The Everyday Activities

Take Care Of The Everyday Activities

One of the easiest ways to identify if a house is currently occupied or not are looking at the mailbox and finding a pile of newspapers and mail on it. This gives a clear message to potential burglars that the residents of the house are currently away. In order to avoid this risk, it is always better to take care of things like newspaper delivery, lawn mowing etc. Continue maintenance activities like lawn moving while holding activities like newspaper delivery, etc.

3. Do Not Advertise Your Journey On Social Media

Do Not Advertise Your Journey On Social Media

This could be a difficult one. But today, even thieves and criminals are on social media and your post on how you’re away for the next 10 days on some exotic vacation is only going to give people ideas. We know it can be difficult to go away without posting an update on social media, so ensure that your privacy settings are in place and your post does not go into the feed of strangers. You never know who might be the cause of your woes. An alternate idea would be to post your update after you’re back.

4. Leave Lights On Or Get Sensor Lights

Leave Lights On Or Get Sensor Lights

We know from Home Alone that how we have to leave our lights on during vacation. This gives thieves an idea that people might still be in the house. Taking this idea to the next step, you could also install sensor lights, both indoors and outdoors. One or two sensor lights programmed to be turned on and off at the right times could create the perfect illusion of inhabitance in your house. And the best part is, these lights are inexpensive and easy to install.

5. Be Open About Your Security

Be Open About Your Security

Keep signs near gates and doors that everything in the house is marked by professionals or that there are dogs inside. Advertising the fact that you have tight security in your house might sometimes cause burglars to avoid entering your house. After all, they don’t want to get caught anyway, too.

6. Confide In A Trusted Friend

 Confide In A Trusted Friend

When you’re away, you can ask your trusted neighbor, friend or relative to keep an eye on your house. They could help you with doing away promotional flyers that tend to pile up on your mailbox or watering your plants, etc. Having someone stop by at your place once in every few days will definitely change the picture that your house is empty.

By being smart and following a few tips, you can reduce the risk of your house being entered upon in your absence. This way, you can enjoy your holiday in peace without having to constantly worry about your belongings.

of using social media to drive traffic to your website

How to Use Social Networks to Increase Blog Traffic

Social media platforms have grown to become an important part of any online marketing campaign. People spend more time on their social media pages than on any other platforms online. Therefore, if you want your content to reach as many people are possible, you cannot overlook the importance of having a social media presence.

While social media marketing may seem easy and straightforward, there is a bit of work that should go into your campaigns if you want results. Here are effective ways of using social media to drive traffic to your website.

1.     Come Up With Content on a Regular Basis

Come Up With Content on a Regular Basis
Credit: Pixabay

Having a blog that has not been updated in ages is one of the easiest ways to lose followers. How often you update your content shows your followers just how committed you are to your blog. People like consistency so you need to ensure that you always have fresh content for your readers. With fresh and helpful content, you can be sure to grow your traffic over time.

2.     Use Catchy Headlines

Use Catchy Headlines
Credit: Pixabay

When using social media to drive traffic to your website, one way to get your blog noticed is by using catchy blog headlines. When people are looking for content online, they will mostly click on headlines that appeal to them. If your blogs are not getting as much traffic as you anticipated, you need to consider changing your headlines.

3.     Know the Best Time to Post

Know the Best Time to Post
Credit: Pixabay

To get as many people to read your blog as possible, you need to know the best time to post your blogs. Find out when most of your readers are online and make a point of posting your content at this time. For instance, if your target audience is teenagers, it is best to post your blog outside the school hours to ensure you get as much traffic as possible.

4.     Use Social Media Buttons

 Use Social Media Buttons
Credit: Pixabay

You should have social media sharing buttons on your blog. People are more likely to read a blog if it is shared by someone they know. Social media buttons make it easy for your readers to share your content with their followers. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your following.

5.     Share the Blogs Multiple Times

Share the Blogs Multiple Times
Credit: Pixabay

Some bloggers will try to avoid sharing the same blog numerous times as it feels like over advertising or spamming. While this may make sense, the marketing pros at suggest that you share a previous post a week or two after it was first published. This is especially ideal if the blog you are sharing received a lot of buzz the first time it was posted.

6.     Use Images

use images
Credit: Pixabay

A well-placed image can do wonders for your blog. Whether it is an illustration relating to your blog content or graphs, it is important to include something visual in your content. This is the best way to catch the attention of your readers. You are more likely to attract people to your blog when you use images as opposed to just plain text. The images used on your blog should appear on your social media feed when you share the post. This is how to drive website traffic with social media.

low budget marketing ideas

5 Marketing Strategies That Work For the Business Owner on a Budget

When considering starting a business, you need to figure out how to edge out the competition. One of the ways to do this is to spend a good chunk of money on marketing. However, this is a huge ask for small business since money is always tight. As an alternative, business owners can opt to use a more strategic approach where they don’t have to spend too much to get the word out on their business. Here are some low budget marketing ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

1.     Marketing Through Online Directories

Marketing Through Online Directories

Directory marketing is part of the reason online marketing is as successful as it is today. Big companies such as Yelp and Google Review rely on digital marketing heavily. They make use of an information database that allows online users from anywhere in the world to search for any type of business. Registering in these directories makes it possible for your clients to easily find your business. This is a marketing strategy that is free and available.

2.     Marketing Through Content Creation

Marketing Through Content Creation
Credit: Pixabay

There are many ways to use content marketing and all of them do not require a significant investment. The easiest way to market your brand is by starting and managing a blog on your site. Ensure you add new content to your blog every few days or weeks. This content needs to be informative and valuable to your target market.

When it comes to content marketing, you need to make good use of images, videos, and infographics. All these are media content with the ability to build your brand’s reputation, compliment your other marketing strategies, and increase your inbound traffic.

3.     Marketing by Email

Marketing by Email
Credit: Pixabay

This is one of the most successful low budget marketing ideas. At least one-third of Americans check their email every day with an additional 39% checking their email at least 3 times each day. Email marketing is not only affordable but also records a high return on investment when it is done right. The key is to get the email marketing fundamentals right and to understand your audience. When done correctly, it can be the most beneficial form of marketing for any business.

4.     Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Credit: Pixabay

Today, it is not possible to read up on marketing without coming across the importance of social media.  The use of social media has led to the growth of marketing opportunities which were hitherto unavailable to small business owners. You can launch a business and immediately sell it to the world with very little money spent.  Therefore, having a social media presence for your business is paramount. It presents an opportunity to do free marketing and to reach millions of users each day. Consider starting a Facebook fan page, an Instagram account, and a verified Twitter account to be able to make the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

5.     Visual Marketing

Visual Marketing
Credit: Pixabay

Visuals can make a huge difference in the way your customers view your business.  With visual marketing, you can decide the kind of impression you want your business to give. You can create a welcoming video for your visitors to introduce your brand to them. Ensure that you communicate your business story effectively to make it easy for people to relate to it. According to, visual marketing is a low-cost method that can offer excellent results.



Number and Weight of Your Belongings

Ever Wondered How Moving Costs Are Calculated? Get Ready For Some Enlightenment!

At one point or the other, we’ve all tried to figure out the difference in costs incurred by moving ourselves and moving using professionals. In the end, it has always been a confusing calculation to make. After all, we’re not experts in moving and we do not know everything that is involved with moving all our belongings from one place to another.

If you’re trying to figure out which factors contribute the most to your total moving charges, then here are the top few.



This is a no-brainer. We know that the longer the distance between our current place and the destination, the more costs will be incurred for transportation. In addition to fuel costs, toll costs and other such similar miscellaneous expenses have to be considered.

Number and Weight of Your Belongings

Number and Weight of Your Belongings

Let’s face it – if you have so many belongings that have to be moved from one place to another, then there are only two options to go about it. One is to use an additional vehicle and another is to make more than one trip between your current place and the destination. Both of these ways will incur additional charges. The more the number of items you carry and the heavier they are, the more you will be charged to move. Moving companies usually consider these factors when providing an estimate for your move.

Dimensions Of Your Belongings

dimensions of your belongings

Sometimes, though you may have fewer items, they tend to consume more space, thus effectively making you get an additional vehicle or another trip. So, naturally, not only the weight of your belongings matter, but also the dimensions. Bigger items, though weightless, might still need a lot of room in the vehicle.

Extra Care And Services

Extra Care And Services

If you have a lot of fragile items like glass that require extra attention, then there might be some additional services required to ensure that they are transferred safely. These services like cushioning will lead to an extra charge by the moving company due to the effort that they put into the work.

There are a lot of other factors that influence moving costs, but the major contributors are those discussed above.

Now all that being said and you know the contributing factors, you’re probably now wondering how the total cost will be calculated. We’re here to tell you that as well.

For calculating moving costs, the weights of your belongings or their dimensions do not matter. However, these factors affect the time taken for the movers to finish the task and thus, affect your budget and the total moving cost as well.

An easy way to calculate the moving cost is to find the hourly rates charged by the professional movers and multiply that by the estimated number of hours for the move.

The hourly rates that the professional movers charge also varies based on your location and the time you have scheduled for the move. On weekdays, the rates are relatively lower than on weekends and other holiday or vacation periods. Moving costs are also slightly cheaper in the middle of the month as movers do not have as many orders then.

Alternately, there is plenty of moving cost estimate calculators online that considers all the factors like the distance, time of the move, etc and gives you a rough estimate of your charges. Another way is to get a rough quotation from the professional movers like moving Matco. Most movers provide an estimate free of charge. This can help you figure out how you want to proceed with your move and plan your budget accordingly.