philips breast cancer video

How To Make A Sandwich That Prevent From Breast Cancer?

Check out this inspirational video by Philips India. This video will teach you how to make a sandwich that prevent from Breast Cancer? Yes, if the man made sandwich that will let your wife can take time for self breast examination. What a motivational initiative by Philips India - Himinitiative

weight loss in 7 days

Best Diet Plan to lose weight in 7 days

Every person desires to be fit nowadays. However, remaining slim is not that easy. You have to work a lot to achieve the objective of staying fit and healthy. Most people resort to avoiding food most of the times, thinking that it would help them to lose weight. Nevertheless, they fail to realize the fact…

macd burger receipe

This Man Created A Mouth Watering Fast Food With McDonald’s Burger

Check out this man, he created a masterpiece mouth watering fast food with McDonald's Burger. how he made a totally different fast food with McDonald's burger check out in the below video. First he smashed the two McDonald's burger and then cut them in to pieces And what happened next watch this video - Hahahahahaha…

hummus for diet

7 Regular Foods That Can Help You To Loose Weight

Being overweight is one of the most common problem of several people. Not only do one looks unattractive while being fat, but it may also harm your body in several weight. Doctors always advise that it is not healthy for a person to remain overweight for a long period of time, as it makes the…

coca cola 60 minutes info

How Coca Cola Affects Human Body In Just 60 Minutes

First 10 minutes 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.) You don't immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavour, allowing you to keep it down. 20 minutes in Your blood sugar spikes, causing an insulin burst. Your liver responds to this by turning any…

masala oats replace maggi

10 Yummy And Healthy Foods That Can Replace Maggi

Maggi is getting ban all over in India and its already banned in some states of India like Kerala, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Delhi and more and if the report is right very soon its going to ban in pan India. Maggi breaks so many of hearts with this news now the main question is what we…

IDLY - One of the best indian inventions in the world

Idli Is The Best Indian Invention Ever

Watch this video and check out why Idly is one of the best Indian invention in the world. This video presented by Meet My Country Youtube Channel. Except Idly there are many mouth watering South Indian Food.


The Best Conversation Happening between Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian

Which is better? Vegetarian or Non vegetarian? Well, this is one of the most common debates that simply refuse to get obsolete. Regardless of vegetarian and non vegetarian individuals swapping preferences, conversation between the two sects is getting interesting with time. The conversation leads to debate and eventually, a fight happens which is interesting in…

Sonakshi-Sinha-Fat-to fit

Sonakshi Sinha Fat to Fit Tips

Fitness and Bollywood are closely related to each other. No wonder we see ever celebrity with slim svelte bodies, pumped up biceps, and 6-8 pack abs. these are precisely the pre-requisites for any actress or actor to be successful (acting may come second). So it is understood that the celebrities from the tinsel town can…


70% of Punjab’s Youth is Addicted to Drugs

Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks about #DrugFreeIndia on his Radio Show 'Man Ki Baat', but do you know that 70% of Punjab's Youth is addicted to drugs and multi million dollar drug nexus operating under the noses of the Border Security Force. Let's make #DrugFreeIndia and Save Indian Youth, Share this post with your friends to…

coconut fuits

Best Fat Burning Fruits

Are you fed up with your heavy weight then you must take a look. Everyone will tell you thousands of reasons to take fruits but how many of you know that fruits are helpful for reducing the weight too. Fruits sometimes get a bad rap in the weight loss because it contains sugar. Are you…

berries food poisoned

Top 5 food to cause Food Poisoning

Food poisoning, also called food borne illness is a most common infection caused by eating dirty or unhealthy food. It’s a life threatening problem for millions of people throughout the world. Every year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention handle approximately 76 million cases of food poisoning. It’s a harmful bacteria that can infect…

easy ways to loose weight

Top 5 Easiest Ways to Lose Weight

Are you worried about your heavy weight or maybe your button-down shirts are starting to feel a little too snug or you’re stressing out, so must take a look. Heavy weight is the major problem now a day for men and women but due to daily routine they are unable to work out. As we…