arijit singh apology to salman

Check Out The Reason Why Arijit Singh Apologizing To Salman Khan!

Recently Arijit Singh made a confession on Facebook for Apologizing to Salman Khan and it created so much news in the industry.   It seems that Arijit Singh is apologizing so deeply to Salman Khan but Salman is not giving it a damn, well now you are thinking what is the reason behind this confession. So…


A Women Cooks Omelet On The Floor In Telangana

A women cooks Omelet on the floor of his house in Telangana. It is just mid of April and the heat is on high, what will happened in upcoming days, we can just pray for better weather. WATCH: A woman cooks eggs on floor at her residence in Karimnagar (Telangana) as heat wave intensifies in…


CCTV Footage Of Mercedes Hit And Run Case Happened In Delhi

Family of the victim released the CCTV footage of Mercedes hit and run case happened in Delhi, in which 32 YO marketing consultant Sidharth Sharma was killed. We went and got our own evidence clearer versionPosted by Mercedes Hit & Run on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 The Mercedes car was driven by a juvenile. The Delhi police detained the…

disappoint mark zuckerberg

Check Out How Mark Zuckerberg’s Responded To TRAI’s BAN On Free Basics

On Monday, The telecom ministry of India TRAI took the biggest decision in support of Net Neutrality and took ban on Facebook's free basics and other similar plans. Just after the announcement Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed his disappointment on the decision. Check out what Mark shard on his Facebook post.   Everyone in the world…


A Sikh Man Thrown Out Of Trump Rally

Trump begin his speech with targeting to Muslims living in USA, then among the crowd a Sikh protester started a silent protest by raising a banner which says "Stop Hate"  and when that Sikh man removed out by the security, Trump waved his hand and say "Bye Bye, Good Bye."

anjali harrassed uber cab driver

Drunk Indian Origin Doctor Suspended For Assaulting Uber Cab Driver

Check out this video of Anjali Ramkissoon, an Indian origin Doctor of Jackson Health Systemin Miami.  In this video Anjali Ramkissoon is a resident doctor and student at Jackson Health System, can be seen harassing and abusing the Uber cab driver. After the incident, Anjali Ramikssoon got suspended from Jackson Health System. However, Uber has suspended Anjali's account on account of…


Check Out Sunny Loene Controversial Interview With Bhupendra Chaubey

Its true that we always attached Sunny leone with her past but how CNN-IBN senior journalist Bhupendra Chaubey interviewed Sunny is totally wrong. This interview went totally on Sunny's past while it was held for her upcoming movie "Mastizaade". Check out what Rishi Kapoor tweeted about the incidient -   Very unfair& rude interview with Sunny Leone on CNN…

gayle flirting with reporter

Chris Gayle Criticized For Flirting With TV Reporter Mel McLaughlin

Chris Gayle is known for his batting and his playboy image, being a casual is his way. Match between the Melbourne Renegades against Hobart Hurricanes running in the Big Bash League, after his dismissal Gayle was interviewed by television reporter Mel McLaughlin. When she asked about his innings, Gayle replied: “I just wanted to have an…


Watch This Man’s Reaction To World After Spending 44 Years In Jail

Otis Johnson went to jail at the age of 25, he spend 44 years of his life in jail and when he was 69, rejoined the world. But the world is totally different for him now. This video by Al Jazeera English shows him experiencing the world's technology outside and how much it changes after 44 years.


Muslims Around The World Condemning Paris Attack With ‘I Am A Muslim’

More than 150 people were killed in yesterday Paris Attack and ISIS took the responsibility of this insane deed.   As many people starts blaming Muslims and Islam for these terrorist attacks but Muslims around the world took the responsibility to condemned Paris attack and share their prayers for the Paris. My name is Maz…