Check Out Cristiano Ronaldo’s $18.5 Million Apartment in New York

Cristiano Ronaldo trump tower flat

The Real Madrid‘s Superstar Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo just bought a new apartment in trump Tower in New York at a massive amount of $18.5 Million (£11.8m), and it was reportedly the inspiration behind the novel ’50 Shades of Grey’.


Entrance of the Trump Tower



Cristiano-Ronaldo-New-York-Apartment (1)

Dining room of apartment


Cristiano-Ronaldo-New-York-Apartment (2)

Kitchen of the apartment


Cristiano-Ronaldo-New-York-Apartment (3)

Office : you don’t want to leave the office like that


Cristiano-Ronaldo-New-York-Apartment (4)

The hallway in Ronaldo’s new apartment


Cristiano-Ronaldo-New-York-Apartment (5)

TV room : enjoy TV with the best view



Cristiano-Ronaldo-New-York-Apartment (6)

Bedroom : where the Ronaldo’s day end


Cristiano-Ronaldo-New-York-Apartment (7)

Bathroom of ronaldo’s apartment




Living room with the superb view


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