Check out the companies who are looking to manufacture in India soon

ford make in india

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Seeing the success seen by India, many companies from abroad are looking forward to start their manufacturing units in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi under “Make in India” is trying hard for the same. Here is a list of companies who are looking forward to set up their manufacturing unit in India:


The company is a big name in the electronic manufacturer department. Recently, the company announced their plan of setting up a smartphone manufacturing unit in India which will come alive by August 2015. Seeing the popularity their smartphone has got, the company has taken this step until today about 4, 00,000 smartphone devices have been sold in India since their entry in the Indian market in 2015.

foxconn make in india

Foxconn Technology, iPhones:

There is good news for the iPhone lovers in India as the iPhone manufacturing company Foxconn Technology is in talking terms with India to set up their manufacturing unit in India. The report regarding the same was given by Reuters. This will thus cut down the cost of production and Indian’s will be offered lower budget and affordable iPhones. Thus, having an iPhone will no more be a distant dream of an Indian common man. This thus is really going to be a revolution in the smartphone market in India.


This company is known to be the giant in the IT industry. Microsoft is looking forward to partner with India and set up their unit here. CEO of the company Satya Nadella has met Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the same and soon we will have a manufacturing unit of Microsoft in India.


The company is well known and is all set to set up their unit in India. The company which hails from Taiwan is known for its smartphone has seen a success in India when it comes to the company’s Zenfone line became popular in India. Seeing the popularity, the company is looking forward to set their unit in India.

ford make in india


The company known for its famous cars is hoped to have a manufacturing unit in India. The CEO of the company is in talking terms with the Indian government. Thus, the famous ford cars will be manufactured in India which will not only reduce their cost but also give the Indian economy a further boost.

Range Rover:

Who doesn’t know this name? The classy and elegant car may soon get a manufacturing unit for itself in India. This is good news for the Range rover lovers.


Xiaomi smartphones have managed to captivate the Indian public. Their awesome handsets are loved here. Seeing this, the company is looking forward to set up their manufacturing unit in India so that it can further serve the Indian public with their attractive smartphones.

Thus, with these companies setting up their units in India, not only employment opportunities will increase in India, but also the products manufactured will have incur a less production cost and thus will be affordable to the Indian people.


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