Earnings by Indian space research organization to launch foreign satellites

isro india earning from 104

Indian space research organization sells the space technology for launching services of satellites with separate program called “Antrix Corporation”. antrix corporation is private limited company and was set up by Indian government in  1992. This company is the arm of ISRO for marketing and commercialization for technical consultancy, space products and transfer technologies promoted by Indian space research organization. antrix provides solutions for space products, supply software and hardware including with subsystem to complex space craft. The Indian space agency is creating awesome records for economical projects and has done hundred percent rate of success in satellite launching. ISRO offers low cost services that attract foreign customers as new players such as spaceX are needed to improve their expanses.

isro india earning from 104

The average avenue of ISRO in last three years is approx 200 billion dollars in amount of Indian currency of 13 lakhs crore. On the commercial basis ISRO is going to provide launch capacity for launching satellites through Antrix Corporation limited. Recently last year antrix ear the profit of approximately 230 crore through commercial launch service. Now ISRO is planning to increase the launch capacity to robust the national requireents for launching satellites. This mission will continuously provide the launch capacity on the basis the commercial launch services. ISRO is widely known for perfect launching the satellites.

antrix arm for ISRO, handle launches satellites for and private companies and foreign governments. antrix earn 15 crore for each satellite launch and ISRO made tremendous record to launches foreign satellites. antrix has launched for 23 countries with count of 180 satellites. In the list United States leads with count and various other countries are as United Kingdom, Canada, Algeria, Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. Launching the satellites is become fast competitive company.

Initially in the year 2002-03 ISRO earned profit of 19 crore. Slowly it rises to height of peak by earning more profit after launching the satellites. During 2007-08 ISRO earn 169 crore after tax. It was the most earning stage for ISRO ad after that it turns to some low profits. In 2012-13 the cooperation gained 1300 crore and it was expected about fifteen percent growth in 2014-15.

ISRO provide beneficial services to launch satellites to launch for other countries. It costs very low I comparison for other launching companies that why the foreign customers and private companies are moving towards ISRO. ISRO earned for launching satellites and various other products and programs for launching the satellites for foreign government.


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