Ever Wondered How Moving Costs Are Calculated? Get Ready For Some Enlightenment!

At one point or the other, we’ve all tried to figure out the difference in costs incurred by moving ourselves and moving using professionals. In the end, it has always been a confusing calculation to make. After all, we’re not experts in moving and we do not know everything that is involved with moving all our belongings from one place to another.

If you’re trying to figure out which factors contribute the most to your total moving charges, then here are the top few.



This is a no-brainer. We know that the longer the distance between our current place and the destination, the more costs will be incurred for transportation. In addition to fuel costs, toll costs and other such similar miscellaneous expenses have to be considered.

Number and Weight of Your Belongings

Number and Weight of Your Belongings

Let’s face it – if you have so many belongings that have to be moved from one place to another, then there are only two options to go about it. One is to use an additional vehicle and another is to make more than one trip between your current place and the destination. Both of these ways will incur additional charges. The more the number of items you carry and the heavier they are, the more you will be charged to move. Moving companies usually consider these factors when providing an estimate for your move.

Dimensions Of Your Belongings

dimensions of your belongings

Sometimes, though you may have fewer items, they tend to consume more space, thus effectively making you get an additional vehicle or another trip. So, naturally, not only the weight of your belongings matter, but also the dimensions. Bigger items, though weightless, might still need a lot of room in the vehicle.

Extra Care And Services

Extra Care And Services

If you have a lot of fragile items like glass that require extra attention, then there might be some additional services required to ensure that they are transferred safely. These services like cushioning will lead to an extra charge by the moving company due to the effort that they put into the work.

There are a lot of other factors that influence moving costs, but the major contributors are those discussed above.

Now all that being said and you know the contributing factors, you’re probably now wondering how the total cost will be calculated. We’re here to tell you that as well.

For calculating moving costs, the weights of your belongings or their dimensions do not matter. However, these factors affect the time taken for the movers to finish the task and thus, affect your budget and the total moving cost as well.

An easy way to calculate the moving cost is to find the hourly rates charged by the professional movers and multiply that by the estimated number of hours for the move.

The hourly rates that the professional movers charge also varies based on your location and the time you have scheduled for the move. On weekdays, the rates are relatively lower than on weekends and other holiday or vacation periods. Moving costs are also slightly cheaper in the middle of the month as movers do not have as many orders then.

Alternately, there is plenty of moving cost estimate calculators online that considers all the factors like the distance, time of the move, etc and gives you a rough estimate of your charges. Another way is to get a rough quotation from the professional movers like moving Matco. Most movers provide an estimate free of charge. This can help you figure out how you want to proceed with your move and plan your budget accordingly.

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