How to Impress Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

impress boys on valentines day

This Valentine’s Day, simply exceed the expectations of your boyfriend and impress him to the hilt. So how would you do that? Here are some wonderful ideas to impress your boyfriend on this special day:

The Treasure is You

Remember how you adored playing treasure hunt? Well, all of us loved it. You can use this to impress your boyfriend. Simply hide a series of emotional love notes for him. Each note should comprise of a clue on where to hit upon the next. Make sure the last one leads to something really exciting such as a scented bubble bath for the two of you or a romantic candlelight dinner.

King of the Day

This one will pamper your partner. Here, you need to help him feel like a King for a day. Simply declare you will dedicate the Valentine’s Day to him and whatever he wants. You can start off with breakfast and then end up in bed late in the evening.

impress a boy on valentine

Exciting Invitation

Invite your boyfriend to take a bath with you. Make this a little romantic with a bottle of champagne, bubbles, candles, flowers, and some love songs from George Michael, Elton John, or Bryan Adams.

An Intimate Massage

Offer your boyfriend an intimate massage using exotic oil or a nice smelling lotion.

Surprise Date

This one is really cool. Surprise him at work with some roses or a gift that you like and take him out to lunch or dinner. You may also plan a midday break for romance.

Digital Memory Book

If you and your boyfriend share pictures on Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, etc. then it is a good idea to collect some of the best and most romantic ones in a memory book. Make sure this is a digital memory book. Also include a little paragraph or a few lines about the beautiful moments you’ve spent together. Try adding some romantic background music. This will make the entire thing very romantic.

Love Games

This is something that will definitely impress your boyfriend. So ditch the idea of giving materialistic gifts to your boyfriend, this Valentine’s Day. Planning a long session of love games will tempt your boyfriend. You can leave sensuous notes and hints to him. Promise some real big gains. You may get an idea online. A huge variety of love games is available these days. Try devising your own for that special effect on the special day.

Couple’s Calendar

Get a personalized calendar prepared for your boyfriend. This can be display at work or home. Here, you require looking for around 12 romantic photos of the two of you (one for each month. Also dedicate a slogan or a message for each month. This can be made by a professional or by yourself. Simply plan what you wish to include. The calendar will strengthen the bond between you and your boyfriend. It will serve as one of the most unique gifts for your man ever.


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