How to Improve the Quality of a Video with Movavi Video Editor


Improving the quality of a video can be tricky – particularly because there are so many ways to do so. Although actions that ‘enhance video quality’ often tend to be lumped together, the truth is that there are several different ways to do so. If you’re new to video editing, a big part of the challenge of learning how to improve the quality of the video normally involves figuring out which way to do just that.


Fortunately with the help of Movavi Video Editor learning how to improve video quality is much easier than that. In fact you will have two main options in terms of how you want to go about it:

  • Automatic Enhancement

Within Movavi Video Editor are several automatic enhancement features such as Auto Contrast, Auto Saturation, and White Balance. By selecting any of these features, you can instruct the software to automatically calculate the ideal levels and use them accordingly. Alternatively you could use the ‘Magic Enhance’ feature to improve the quality across the board.

  • Manual Enhancement

While manually enhancing videos tends to be more complicated, Movavi Video Editor makes it as painless as possible. Essentially all you need to do is move around a few sliders that correspond to the color settings or other manual enhancement tools that you’re opting to use.

Regardless of which option you choose, you should be able to quite easily improve the quality of your videos. In fact, with the help of the other features in Movavi Video Editor you could also fix any off the normal issues that crop up in recordings – such as interlaced, blurry or shaky segments of video.

If you want you can also use its features to cut and combine various segments of videos, apply special effects and artistic filters, add customizable text, include unique captions or watermarks, and much more. Be sure to give these features a try, as even though they aren’t conventionally used to enhance the quality of videos, they can really help to make it look much better and rival anything else out there.

Once you’re comfortable using Movavi Video Editor to improve the quality of your videos, you should experiment with these other features and take advantage of them too. Between all the features available, you will have the all the key ingredients to create compelling and attractive videos from scratch.


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