iPad Air 2 (iPad 6) Rumors and Release Date

ipad air 2

When it comes the name of Apple then it comes in the best thing in the technology as well as the features also. Apple doesn’t seem to be holding anything back when it comes to updates this season. The company has already did its biggest release of the year with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, followed by iOS 8 and now the new iPad air 2 or we can say ipad 6, which is planning to come out later this month. Apple is planning to launch this iPad Air in the event which is going to be done in October 16. The complete features, price and releasing date are not unveiled by the Apple.

Apple is not going to stop in this year; it has started making its 2014 iPad models, and is about to launch two new tablets in the coming months. Apple will be hosting an event on Oct 16, 2014 where it is expected to showcase their new Macs and iPads. Apple has invited the press to an event on its Cupertino campus. The company did not tell more about the subject under discussion in this event, but it virtually known that iPads will make an appearance. According to BGR India, the photos that were leaked show the audio control unit, the front panel, the A8X chip and the TouchID sensor of the iPad Air 2.

So the new iPad by Apple which is rumored as iPad Air 2 is expected to have a 9.7-inch screen. On the other hand while the Apple trend tends to make phones bigger and tablets smaller, then there is another rumor that the Air 2 could have a 12.9-inch screen.

Moreover it will have TouchID sensor; it will mean that it will have a fingerprint scanner, which will be a first for an Apple tablet. The first update of the iPad line since the launch of the iPad 2 in 2011 to make this tablet very thin, the mute/screen-rotation lock button has been removed and only shows the volume rocker. It has been heard by the tech world news that iPad 6 can be released as in golden version too.

As per as the previous models and versions had shown its charm by the A7 processor in the iPad Air, Mini 2, IPhone 5S, the people is expecting the high configuration In the new Air Pad 2 which will allow for split-screen multitasking. A new camera with the high resolutions is said to be improved from previous device versions, as well.

As far as the price is concerned of new iPad 6, then it will be unveiled correctly by the time of its release, but if we can think about the prize then it will mostly depend on its size, If the screen is 9.7 inches, then the cost would only raise slightly over previous models for new features like Touch ID. If a 12.9-inch version is released, the price could take a major jump of what we’re used to for the tablets. The new iPad Air 2 may get 2GB of RAM, according to a TechNews report. Apart from these amazing gadgets by the Apple, the new operating system for Apple that is Mac OS X Yosemite, which is also going to come in the market soon.

Of course you are dying to get this new iPad Air 2, but till the time it will be released and offered in India you will just have to know about its all features, price and specification which I have provided best as per as I concerned, for further news about it read the articles of mine daily.


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