Microsoft Band- A Health Tracker

microsoft-band-health tracker

Microsoft’s new invention is all about to keep you healthy and active. After the Apple Health and Google fit are offering their fitness platforms, Microsoft can’t be back in the race and has been working on a health tracking platform named Microsoft Health. There is newest wearable device has come in the international market called Microsoft Band which is available in the Microsoft’s retail store and online from October 30, 2014 for $200.

Microsoft made is as simple as it can work with any of the platform as Windows, iOS or Android. It has developed with the best hardware and software for helping people live healthy lives.  It is one of the smart moves for a company whose mobile OS still only retains a four percent market share in the U.S. As Microsoft is known for its unique features and different user interface so you will also find some additional and unique feature as you don’t expect.

Design wise if you often wear a watch then it weight doesn’t bother you. It features a slim, full-colored touchscreen display like Samsung Gear with an adjustable clasp so you can easily tighten or loosen it. There are only two buttons on the band with the tile interface like Windows Phone which can be easily used by tapping and swapping.


It collects the data from your smartphone, smartwatch or activity tracker that helps to monitor your sleep quality, for which exercise you can burn more calories, and how much time your body needs to recover after training. As per as these data it provides you the best suggestions for achieving your fitness goals.

It also monitors your heart rating 24 hours with steps, sleep quality and calories burned. You can view your current heart rate, or you can see your rate over time, by day or week anytime in the health app on your phone. The band also delivers the notifications like smartphone on your wrist so you can easily deal with your email, text, phone call, and calendar alert. Apart from that it has also alarm and timer features.

There are two special quality of this band which makes it more unique than other fitness bands as it offers a guided workout which is very useful for wearable person and it can also calculate the current UV index when you are outdoors. It assists you like a well-wisher or a good friend.

Although I am totally satisfied and impressed by this new band but still if you ask me that what I want more on this band then I would say that Microsoft should expand some functionalities like two-way data sync, wireless music playback, some way to perform voice searches etc.

So if you’re unable to track your fitness activities during workout then Microsoft is offering this health band to keep you healthy and fit. There is no any news of this band for launching in India. So people of India have to wait long to wear this on their wrist and track their fitness activity.


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