Outfit Options for Men to Wear in Indian Weddings

mens wedding sherwani

Indian weddings are elaborate. So are the dresses worn by the bride and grooms. There are tons of ceremonies with very little options of dressing for men and negligible scope to flaunt their stylish self.

Well, this may be true to a certain extent but not completely (except when compared to options for women). The advancement and innovation in the fashion industry these days have come up with some real fabulous options for men in Indian weddings. Here are some super cool options:


mens wedding sherwani

Although a conventional choice, there are scores of options available on the market these days. It is precisely a long coat-like jacket secured with buttons. It comes to right below the knees and may hit somewhere on the calf. The jacket is known for having a Nehru collar. It stands upright and also referred to as a “mandarin” collar.

In India, grooms prefer cream coloured jacket. It may also be light ivory, or even gold coloured for weddings. The colour choice depends on groom and most of the time, to match up with the attire of groom. The fancy ones are embroidered with either gold or silver. Many grooms also go for darker coloured jackets such as navy, red, navy, blacks, etc. A duppatta (veil) or a scarf is added to enhance the look of jacket over shoulders.

The wedding Sherwani is usually worn with tighter fitting pants. These are also known as the churidars that are loose around the hips and thighs and then get tighter as they assemble around the ankle.

Jodhpuri Suit

mens wedding option

This is the newer choice for men attending Indian weddings or getting married. This is known to be the hottest trends these days. Jodhpuri suit is a perfect combination of Indian and western wear. The dress comprises of a coat with mandarin or Nehru collar. The jacket is open in the front and includes good amount of embroidery on the collar and front. The Jodhpuri jacket is teamed with trousers. The groom can also choose to wear a waistcoat or shirt beneath.

Kurta Pyjama

mens wedding outfit

This is the traditional dress for Indian men. It can also be worn in Indian weddings. The choice is appropriate if you choose to attend a wedding. However, it may not be a good choice for a groom. For groom, it may get too plain! The dress comprises of a loose fitting, long shirt without collar over pants. The colours may range from light to dark depending on one’s choice. These may even be embroidered or jazzed up a little as per the choice of one who wears it.

Western Suit

mens wedding wester outfit

The is one of the most popular choices for those who wish to wear something understated yet look great. These are a hot favourite in western countries where they prefer a Tuxedo for weddings. The colour can be cream, ivory, navy blue etc. according to the choice of groom. It can be embellished gold/diamond cufflinks, brooches, tie pins etc. and brooches.


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