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Fitness and Bollywood are closely related to each other. No wonder we see ever celebrity with slim svelte bodies, pumped up biceps, and 6-8 pack abs. these are precisely the pre-requisites for any actress or actor to be successful (acting may come second). So it is understood that the celebrities from the tinsel town can go any lengths to look fab. Right from the best of diet regimes, stringent food habits, to exhausting exercises, and even going under the knife, they would want to do everything it take to beat the competition.

Sonakshi Sinha, the gorgeous daughter of yesteryear matinee idol Shatrugan Sinha who wooed us with traditional Indian look in movies like Dabangg and Lootera has an inspiring fat to fit story to narrate. The doe eyed beauty was once a couch potato and weighed 90 kilos. She went on to lose 30 phenomenal kilos to attain the much desired svelte, slim look to turn into a Bollywood sensation. Sonakshi Sinha become Fat To Fit tremendously.

The battle between Sonakshi and the weighing scale was extremely difficult. Being a foodie and a pampered child at that, it was difficult to sick to strict regimes and diet schedules initially. Bollywood star Salman Khan inspired her to lose weight and join the Bollywood bandwagon.

The Crucial Journey from 90 to 60 Kilos

Well, losing 30 kilos in just two years is no child’s play. The task was immensely difficult for the actress. So what worked?

  • Dedication
  • Determination
  • Will power
  • Fitness regimen
  • Diet planned under a qualified professional

Fat to Fit Tips Sonakshi Sinha Style

The Fitness Routine

Sonakshi’s weight-loss campaign started with a combination of cardio, weight training, and spinning exercises. She combines these with good number of squats and abdominal crunches.

The Weight Loss Diet Regime

Breakfast –

  • Cereal and milk


  • Whole wheat toast

Mid Morning –

  • Some dry fruits
  • A cup of green tea

Lunch –

  • Roti
  • Sabzi
  • Salad

Evening Snack –

  • A fruit
  • A cup of green tea

Dinner –

  • Chicken


  • Fish


  • Dal with veggies

Tip: Sonakshi has dinner early which comprises of just protein. She strictly avoids having carbohydrates after 6 p.m.

Presently, the actress is focussing on taking small meals every 3-4 hours. This keeps her energy levels up. Hot yoga is the gorgeous lady’s latest fad. She likes performing various yogic postures in a steamed room. The temperature of this room is around 40 degrees! The actress also likes to play outdoor sports such as lawn tennis which has become an integral part of her daily schedule.

Sonakshi advises her fans to work out under the guidance of a professional trainer and have several cups of green tea throughout the day to keep metabolism healthy.


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