Things You Should Know About Sundar Pichai The New CEO Of Google

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Google in a recent report that came on Monday announced that they have appointed Sundar Pichai as their new CEO, and this news, the internet has already exploded with greets and messages. Social media websites are bursting out with congratulations posts to the new CEO. A number of people including Microsoft’s CEO SatyaNadella, have also congratulated the Indian origin guy. Except for the Youtube department, Pichai now oversees all the major departments of Google.

Background and Education

SundarPichai, originally named PichaiSaundararajan, was born in India, in the Chennai city. He attended the Padma SeshadriBalaBhavan. He holds a B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology) degree, from IIT Kharangpur, and did his post-graduation in MS from Standford University. Pichai also holds an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Early Years

SundarPichai joined Google in 2004 as a product manager, and had worked on products like Google Pack and Google gear, all this before Chrome was released. However, only with the creation of Toolbar had Google realized that it was a great invention, and they can now invent their own web browser in order to compete with the other browsers available in the market.

Chrome Browser and Chrome OS

Pichai first became popular, when he started to lead his own production and innovation team for Chrome browser and Chrome OS. He is known to have made both the browser and the OS come forward, and led them to success. In 2008, with the introduction of the Chrome browser, he was appointed as the VP of the product development. The browser was followed by Chrome OS in 2009. With the release of these two products, Pichai soon became one of the well-known faces inside Google. By 2012, he was already the senior vice president of Chrome, and several other google apps such as Gmail.

Becoming the head of Android development

In 2013, he was finally given control of the popular mobile operating system, Android. Only after he became head of Android development, Pichai got known world-wide by a number of people. At this point, he was globally renowned as one of the most known and important person in Google. At the 2014 I/O conference, a number of people and websites noticed how it was more of a Pichai-show. They have ever sinced then praised the person’s capabilities, and a number of websites have also released profiles suggesting that Pichai will most likely be the next CEO of the company. Page has also praised Pichai several times in front of the news, and the VP of the company has been several times regarded as the right hand man of Page. Page described Pichai having a “deep technical expertise, a great product eye, and tremendous entrepreneurial flair. This is a rare combination, which is what makes him a great leader.”

Last year, he was also given a key position in google, as Larry Page promoted Pichai to supervisegoogle’s core products, such as Google+, maps, search, commerce, infrastructure and advertising. The position is one of the most important positions, because now all the heads of those departments had to directly report toPichai.


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